Backup cameras will be standard on all new vehicles starting in 2018. This means if you buy a new car, you’ll get to enjoy the backup camera feature no matter what vehicle you buy. What if you own an older car, though? If you want the convenience of a backup camera, but own an old car that doesn’t have one factory installed, you can add an aftermarket backup camera to your ride. Most aren’t that expensive, and if you have small kids or a dog that you’re worried about, this kind of camera can give you some peace of mind.

To help make your search for the best backup camera for your car easy, we’ve rounded up three affordable products that can be added to your car with minimal effort. These units are designed to be easy to install and easy to use each and every day.

Pyle Car Backup Camera

Pyle Car backup camera

The Pyle Car Backup Camera offers 170 degrees of viewing and is displayed on a 7-inch TFT/LCD screen in full color. The system is easy to install and designed for any car, truck, SUV, or minivan. The screen easily mounts to the dash and can be moved wherever you want it for easy viewing. The camera is waterproof and offers night vision so it works after the sun goes down. For the price, you’re not likely to find a better system.

Buy Now: $60

Accfly Rearview Mirror Backup Camera

accfly rearview mirror backup camera

The Accfly Rearview Mirror Backup Camera will have you looking right where you’re used to when you back up. The screen is integrated right into the provided rearview mirror that clips right over your current mirror. In addition to the waterproof infrared camera, the Accfly system comes with four parking sensors that can be added to your car so you’re not only paying attention to what’s behind you. This adds another layer of security that other systems don’t provide.

Buy Now: $76

eRapta Backup Camera and Car Monitor

eRapta Backup Camera

Have a large truck, trailer, or recreational vehicle? The eRapta Backup Camera and Car Monitor is for you. You can use this waterproof camera on your regular car as well, but it’s specifically designed for bigger vehicles and trailers. The camera offers 18 infrared lights, a CMOS sensor, and night vision. The screen included in the kit is a seven-inch LCD monitor that shows a clear picture giving you all the details you need to avoid obstacles.

Buy Now: $120