One of the worst things about winter is getting in a cold car and gripping the ice-cold steering wheel with your bare hands. If you have a fancy heated steering-wheel you don’t have to worry, but that feature isn’t found on most cars. Most of us plebes have to make do with gloves when it comes time to drive in the winter. The problem is most cold-weather gloves are so bulky that they don't work well in providing good steering control. Luckily, there are winter driving gloves available that will provide secure driving and, at the same time, keep your hands toasty warm.

With all the benefits of owning a pair of driving gloves, you’re probably thinking you should go buy a pair. However, not all driving gloves are the same. If you want something that’s truly going to keep your hands warm, provide good grip, reduce fatigue, and protect your steering wheel, check out the products listed below.

Cyrilus Cashmere-Lined Deerskin Winter Driving Gloves

Cyrilus winter driving gloves

These cashmere-lined winter driving gloves from Cyrilus feature deerskin leather that was sourced in the United States and an attractive and classic design. The black color means they’ll go with almost any outfit, and the glove’s non-bulky construction ensures they’ll easily fit into a coat pocket or glove box. The single snap near the wrist portion of the glove helps keep them snugly on your hand.

Buy Now: $50

ELMA Cashmere-Lined Deerskin Winter Driving Gloves

ELMA winter driving gloves

Another great deerskin option is this pair from ELMA. These are also lined with super soft and warm cashmere that pairs well with the soft leather. They’re not bulky at all, making it easy to adjust things like the radio or climate controls on the fly. Also, fitting them in a pocket or your car’s glovebox isn’t difficult. Much like the Cyrilus gloves shown above, these offer a classic look and a single snap at the wrist. You can get them in either a sand yellow color or black.

Buy Now: $40

Warmen Soft Nappa Leather Driving Gloves

warman winter driving gloves

If you’re looking for something a little more stylish in appearance, consider these driving gloves from Warmen. These gloves feature Nappa leather with a glossier finish and white contrast stitching. They feature a fleece lining that will keep your hands warm. The gloves are offered in a dark brown color. At the wrist, there is an adjustable strap with snaps for the proper fit, as well as for security while driving.

Buy Now: $28

Carhartt Thinsulate Leather Driver Work Gloves

Carhartt winter driving gloves

If you want something that’s attractive as well as tough, consider these Carhartt gloves. These tough leather gloves have a polyester Thinsulate lining. They are a little bulkier than the other gloves on this list, but if you want something basic and tough, the Carhartt name is tough to beat. The elastic band at the wrist helps the gloves stay on your hands, and they are available in either light brown or black. You won't shy away from scraping ice and snow from your car's window with these bad boys.

Buy Now: $27

Reed Genuine Leather Lined Driving Gloves

Reed Winter Driving Gloves

If you’re looking for something that’s good but seriously inexpensive, consider the Reed leather driving gloves. These gloves feature genuine sheepskin leather that’s both strong and soft and a thin lining, making it easy to store them or carry them with you. At the wrist, there is a combination of an elastic band and a small strap with a snap.

Buy Now: $15