The current bevy of pickup trucks is deep and wide, and new models are better than ever. But when it comes to getting our truck lust on, there's nothing quite like the 1965 Dodge D200 Powerwagon Icon Reformer restomodded by ICON 4x4. Owner and founder Jonathan Ward built this beautiful beast back in 2013, and it might just be the best pickup truck we've ever laid eyes on. 

icon 4x4 dodge powerwagon reformer white front 58
Only the look is vintage. Everything else is upgraded, modern, and ready for action.

The D200 Reformer takes a more modern 2006 Dodge ¾-ton pickup truck chassis and melds it properly with a beautifully vintage 1965 Dodge D200 Power Wagon Crew Cab body. Under the hood is a mighty 5.9-liter Cummins turbo diesel engine that's been revised by none other than Gale Banks, making it good for an astounding 975 lb-ft of torque and 560 horsepower. To call it a stump puller/earth ripper/organ repositioner would be an understatement. There's also an excellent floor-mounted 6-speed manual transmission and a 2-speed transfer case.

icon 4x4 dodge powerwagon reformer headlights
The wolf spider-like headlights are both purposeful and menacing. It's like an American Range Rover.

Nothing in the D200 Reformer has been overlooked. Ward uses the finest materials, including Bison leather from Parebellum throughout the cabin, aircraft-grade aluminum fasteners, custom CNC badges, modern illuminated gauges, perforated pedals, machined levers and latches. 

icon 4x4 dodge powerwagon reformer steering wheel

Underneath, there are also the goods to go off-roading, including robust Kore suspension with Fox Racing bits, military-grade 37-inch Hutchinson run-flat beadlock wheels and off-road tires, The interior is lined with Rolls-Royce carpets. Even the bench seats have rich, textured Bison leather all over. There's nothing remotely backwoods about this interior, except for perhaps the period correct manual window cranks. You gotta do a little work, right?

icon 4x4 dodge powerwagon reformer shift knob

The capacity is for six adults, thanks to those big bench seats, and it doesn't eschew modernity thanks to premium audio and air conditioning, but you wouldn't know it because Ward likes to keep his interiors simple and clean, thank goodness. 

icon 4x4 dodge powerwagon reformer seats

All exterior lighting is full LED, and there are even special details like architectural-level glass, LearJet sourced sun visors, and super-loud train horns to let everyone know you're there as if they wouldn't notice the D200 Reformers huge presence. It's easily the truck we would donate our organs for (the non-vital ones, naturally). We're just happy such a thing exists, thanks to Mr. Ward. Keep building, please.

icon 4x4 dodge powerwagon reformer instruments

icon 4x4 dodge powerwagon reformer suspension

icon 4x4 dodge powerwagon reformer leather pouch

icon 4x4 dodge powerwagon reformer doors open

icon 4x4 dodge powerwagon bed

icon 4x4 dodge powerwagon reformer badge

This beast went up for sale a few years ago, and the asking price was a cool $300,000. We think it's worth every penny. See the video of creator Jonathan Ward taking it out for a spin: