We know that EVs are the future and that everyone wants to build one that actually looks futuristic... except for Estonian company, Nobe Cars. They just unveiled what we think is the coolest EV on the planet today primarily because it looks anything but futuristic. The thing just oozes retro in the best of ways. 

nobe white rear 58
Would you believe that this thing is built in the 21st century? Yep. (image: Nobe)

The Nobe 100 is actually a three-wheeled EV that evokes the past with cues from the classic (and original) Fiat 500 and a grille that might as well be pulled off an old Alfa Romeo Giulia. There actually isn't a single thing about the Nobe 100's looks that would ever make you believe it's electric or modern, and that's just the way we like it.

nobe blue
This is what you get when you don't want your EV to look like everyone else's.

The Nobe 100 has an all-electric driving range of 136 miles and can reach 68 mph, enough to make it on the highway (but maybe not on the Autobahn). All three wheels are driven, as well. The tires are narrow, vintage style whitewalls with solid disc hubcaps for aerodynamics and retro style. 

nobe red top

The interior has room for three on fully leather seats. The decor is consistently retro, and the minimalist dash with thin-rimmed steering wheel is crisp and eschews the busyness of modern EVs. There's a simple speedometer and a subdial that shows amps and range. but there isn't a single LCD display or touchscreen to be seen anywhere. Hell, the thing doesn't even have cupholders. 

nobe interior
If Cary Grant were still alive, we could see him helming one of these. Just look at that vintage-inspired interior. 

So what if the windows are manual and there's not much storage. This thing is deceptively futuristic thanks to its full connectivity and autonomous-ready capabilities, as well as its super-light composite body. The battery is also impressive thanks to its ability to fully charge in a mere 2 hours on a rapid charger. The part that impressed us the most is its sub-6 zero-to-sixty time thanks to the three driven wheels and the light curb weight. 

It's not for sale in America yet, but there is a crowdfunding page here to get the automaker off the ground. The car would probably sell for about $34,000 here in the states, apparently. The plan is to get them sold here starting as early as 2020. We can only hope.