In the world of pricey car auctions, Ferrari typically stands at the top of the heap, not just because of the brand desirability but also because of Ferrari's illustrious global racing history. Those two things come together in the recently sold 1963 250 GT chassis number 4153 GT that went for a record-breaking $80 million, totally eclipsing the $38 million garnered by a 1962 250 GTO that sold in 2014. Though it wasn't sold at auction, instead through a private deal, it is officially the most expensive car ever sold.

250 gto silver 80 million front
This 250 GTO's racing history gives it serious provenance.

This particular model departs from the typical red found on most 250 GTOs, this time clad in silver with French tricolore stripes. Most importantly, though, isn't its looks but its rich racing history that includes Le Mans in 1963 and the 1964 10-day Tour de France race.

250 gto silver rear
The GTO boasts a potent 300 horsepower 3.0-liter V12 engine.

But the car didn't stop there and went on to race in the Angolan Grand Prix in 1964, and multiple endurance racing, hill-climbing and rallying events in 1965. The sale changed hands between the car's most recent owner, German race car driver Christian Glasel and world-renowned Ferrari collector and WeatherTech CEO David MacNeil for a record $80 million.

250 gto silver rear 34
What are the chances there are WeatherTech mats in here? Pretty slim.

Before you laugh at the fact that the guy who makes rubber floor mats for cars (and dog food bowls) just bought the most expensive Ferrari, just know that MacNeil a serious Ferrari collector and even drives his precious gems in track events and vintage races. Who knows if he'd be willing to do so in this one.

250 gto silver interior