Is that exotic car you’ve always wanted out of your financial reach? Is it not a practical option for everyday life, and you don’t want or can’t afford to own a second or third car? Well, you could always rent your dream car for a day or two. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than buying, and depending on the details, it might be way more affordable than you think.

Renting an exotic car is a way to experience the vehicles you want to see without having to buy or lease them. The $138,700 price tag of the Audi R8 coupe is tough to swallow. Likewise, the sky-high price tag on any car with Ferrari’s Prancing Horse badge is enough to make you get the sweats. Leasing is an option for some people, but with the high price of the car, even a good lease deal will put the monthly cost beyond what many can afford. Renting is the only option for some, but how affordable is it actually?

It Depends on What Rental Service You Use

Exotic Car Collection by Enterprise
Enterprise offers a wide variety of high-end exotics for your choosing. (Image: Enterprise)

There are numerous exotic car rental services out there. They all have different locations, offerings, and price points. You can go with a typical rental car service like Enterprise for your exotic car rental or you can find a company that specializes in exotic cars only. Their prices are comparable and you can spend anywhere from just under $1,000 per day to upwards of $2,000, depending on the car. 

If those numbers make you sad, don’t worry. There are other options out there. Remember all those new car sharing services popping up? Well, they offer exotic cars, too. Services like Turo, Getaround, DriveShare, and the aptly named Exotic Car Share are all options for doing this.

Turo ferrari ff red
Turo lets regular people list the exotic cars they own as rentals, providing a more affordable option. (Image: Turo)

Exotic car sharing service prices vary dramatically. Their pricing structure also varies dramatically. Some have a one-time membership fee, others have an annual fee, and some have no sign-up fee at all. The cheapest option we could find was Turo. On Turo, you could rent a Ferrari California for $224 per day. Other models were listed for even cheaper, though from the cars we saw, you’ll pay at least $150 per day. The distance you can drive (which is included in the price) varies from vehicle to vehicle. If you go over the allotted mileage, you’ll have to pay a couple bucks per mile.

DriveShare by Hagerty is another option for driving an exotic at a low price. While the price tag on each vehicle per day can vary dramatically, you’re probably looking at something ranging from a few hundred dollars per day to about a thousand dollars per day, depending on the car and the location. DriveShare specializes in classic exotics, so it makes sense that these vehicles would be a little pricier.

It Depends On Location and Availability

ferrari 488gtb spider golden gate bridge
You can find a lot of exotics to rent in and around San Francisco, California.

With exotic cars, you can’t always get what you want where you want it no matter the service you use. Many typical car rental services that have exotics only have them near large metropolitan areas. The East Coast and West Coast are best for finding a killer exotic car for a good price. It’s a lot easier to find an affordable exotic in San Francisco, California, than it is in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

If you do want to rent an exotic in a rural area in the middle of the country, be prepared to pay a little more. Also be open to checking out multiple car rental or car sharing services. Chances are, you’ll be able to find a service in your area with some fantastic cars.

It Depends What You Consider Exotic

lamborghini huracan and mercedes amg gt
Everyone understands that a Lamborghini is exotic, but a Mercedes AMG GT might not qualify for some.

The term exotic car can mean different things to different people. An exotic car is one that’s rare or truly unique, according to Autofluence. What actually qualifies as exotic can vary from person to person, though. A guy who has owned multiple Mercedes-Benz cars might not consider a Mercedes SL-Class very exotic. He might just think it’s a nice luxury roadster. However, a blue-collar worker from Normal, Illinois, could find the SL-Class pretty exotic and be willing to pay for the chance to rent one for a day.

This discrepancy can impact your costs dramatically. If an exotic to you is a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or a Bugatti, then you’re going to pay more to rent an exotic than if you chose to rent a Porsche or Mercedes AMG, depending on the model. Still, whatever car you want to rent, there should be an option out there for you at a small fraction of what it costs to own one of these cool cars.