Repeat after us: “a cup holder is not a phone holder.” We’re all guilty of putting our phones where our triple espresso latte is supposed to go. Sure, it’s practical - we want our phones to be easily accessible for driving directions or for charging on longer drives. Since the dawn of smartphones and apps like Google Maps and Waze, the GPS devices we knew and loved 10 years ago have become nearly obsolete. Now, your smartphone handles it all, and you need to keep it juiced up and at the ready.

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You don't need to resort to the cup holder. There is a better way.

There are some excellent solutions that make getting driving directions and charging your phone safer and easier. The simplest one is getting a quality phone mount that doubles as a charger. We tested these two phone mount/wireless charger duos and found them to be secure and hassle-free. Best of all, they won't break the bank.

VAVA E-Touch Phone Holder

VAVA Phone Charger Mount

The VAVA E-Touch Phone Holder adjusts to hold most smartphones and is easy to install and tailor to your desired view (landscape or portrait). The device felt secure on our dashboard when we locked it in place, and with its 360-degree ball head and telescopic arm that adjusts 210 degrees, there's a position for any view. The mount comes with a USB cable that can be connected to your car charger to charge your phone as you drive and also stores power in the mount to use later. 

Our favorite part of the VAVA Phone Holder is the auto-lock and release feature. When you place your phone into the device, it automatically moves the arms to adjust to the size of your phone and then grabs it. It also makes a fun robotic noise when it's adjusting to your phone. Until we get our own personal robot, we'll settle for this gadget.

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TaoTronics Phone Holder 

Taotronics phone charger mount

The TaoTronics Phone Holder is another solid option if you're looking for a better place to stash your phone while you drive and get it back up to 100% battery quickly. We liked that this one comes with fast charge wireless capabilities. If your phone is Qi and quick charging enabled, you'll get the most out of this gadget. The TaoTronics holder is plugged into your car with a USB cord and will charge your phone even while it's still in its case. 

Placing our phone into the holder was simple and quick. With the press of a button, the arms are released and then manually pushed in to fit the size of any phone. Getting a good angle for Google Maps wasn't an issue with the 360-degree swivel ball.

The sticky suction cup held very tightly as we drove and we had no concern about the mount tumbling over, even as we hit bumps in the road. Better yet, the holder doesn't seem to lose suction over time. One reviewer mentions that they drive a dump truck and the holder has not budged. That's what we call sturdy!

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