McLaren's might not be the most fetching vehicles around, but they're fantastic to drive. They're also track-ready machines that will tear up the tarmac like a Doberman after a raw porterhouse. The latest one in their stable is the 600LT, based on the classic F1 GTR racecar. As exotic as it looks, the car's intent is to rip around a track for those owners who lust for speed and performance in the purest of ways. 

mclaren 600lt profile
The "LT" designation comes from the extended rear section, 2.9 inches longer than a 570S.

The 600LT is one powerful machine thanks to a 3.8-liter V8 with twin turbocharging. It also gets a totally new top-mounted exhaust system that reduces backpressure. The result is 592 horsepower and 457 lb-ft of torque, 30 more horses and 14 more lb-ft than the already very fast 570S. The 600LT is also substantially lighter than the 570S, to the tune of 211 lbs. The body is made of carbon fiber, and the exhaust is also lightweight, benefitting the 600LT on the track. 

mclaren f1 gtr longtail
The iconic McLaren F1 GTR Longtail is the inspiration for all McLaren LTs. 

The 600LT also gets quicker steering, and the engine mounts are stiffer. The high-end suspension has light and strong forged aluminum components, as well as lighter carbon ceramic brakes from the 720S, and there's even the exclusive seats from the P1 hypercar. If owners have the funds and want to go even more hardcore, they can order vented front fenders and a carbon fiber roof. 

mclaren 600lt front 34

The new Ferrari 488 Pista probably won't worry too much about the 600LT because its power-to-weight ratio is better. The Ferrari pushes out 710 horses from its twin-turbocharged V8, and it weighs barely more than versions on Ferrari's race circuits. But the LT presents an option for supercar buyers who want something different and nearly as capable as a Ferrari. 

mclaren 600lt rear

The 600LT will start production this fall and will only go on for one year, at which point McLaren will cease production. There isn't a specified quantity, but the production is limited by time. There's no pricing yet, but McLaren will provide a day of track driving along with professional driving instruction so owners can maximize the 600LT's capabilities. 

mclaren 600lt rear 34

mclaren 600lt exhaust

mclaren 600lt interior