Buying car insurance seems like a straightforward process. The insurance companies have done an excellent job streamlining the process to make it go as quickly and smoothly as possible. Sometimes, though, it’s worth it to slow things down and ask a few questions about the policy you’re about to buy. This will ensure that you get the kind of coverage you need at a very fair price. Here are six questions to ask the insurance agent.

Are There Any Discounts Available?

car insurance discount
Your insurance company may not give you discounts if you neglect to ask for them.

Every insurance company offers a variety of discounts both to new customers and loyal customers. It’s important to ask about these discounts and see what you qualify for. The insurance agent probably won’t ask you a ton of information to try to get you as many discounts as possible. You need to be proactive and ask about discounts. That way you know what information the agent will need to have from you to allow you to qualify for those discounts. A good way to find out about what’s available is to as for a complete list of the company’s discounts. Once you can see what discounts are available you’ll know what you can do to lower your insurance costs.

How Much Coverage Do I Need?

Car insurance coverage amount
Talk with your insurance agent to decide how much coverage you really need. 

The amount of coverage each person needs will vary. It depends on the type of car you have and where you live. Minimum coverage varies depending on the state you live in, and you’ll likely want to buy more insurance than the minimum requirement. The amount of coverage you’ll need depends partly on your vehicle and its value. Discuss your vehicle, location, and budget with your insurance agent to figure out how much coverage you should buy.

What Exactly is Covered?

Car insurance coverage
Not all insurance policies are the same, so make sure to talk it over with your agent. 

Knowing what’s covered and what isn’t is of vital importance. Different policies cover different things, and it would be terrible to find out that some incident involving your car is not covered by your policy. Before you buy any specific policy, make sure you understand exactly what’s covered. Discuss the policy options with your insurance agent to make sure that you have all the coverage you need.

Be sure to ask about injuries as well as property coverage. It’s always smart to ensure that you have a policy that will provide ample coverage for you, your passengers, and other drivers. Don’t ever assume something is covered in a policy.

How Much Money Will Come Out of My Pocket?

car insurance deductible
Make sure you understand how much you have to pay before insurance kicks in. 

Before making an insurance purchase, you need to talk to your agent about your deductible. The deductible is the amount of insurance you’ll have to pay out of pocket before your insurance kicks in. Generally, you want to have as high of deductible as you can afford because that will keep your monthly car insurance rate low. If you can’t afford to pay much out of pocket in the event of an accident, that’s fine, but you’ll have a higher monthly payment. Discuss the specifics of a policy’s deductible with your insurance agent before you sign any paperwork.

Will My Policy Cover Other Drivers of My Vehicle?

car insurance
You want to be covered if you loan your car to a friend.

Occasionally, someone other than you will probably drive your car. Generally, these people fall into two categories: someone who drives your car regularly and someone who will maybe drive your car once or twice. If you have someone drive your car regularly, like a roommate, friend, spouse, or teen driver, you should have them on your policy as an insured driver. Drivers who don’t regularly drive your car don’t need to be on your policy.

Most insurance policies will still cover other occasional drivers. This means if your brother comes in from out of town and has to drive your car for a day he will be covered by your insurance policy. This isn’t uniform, though, and it’s important to discuss this with your insurance agent ahead of time.

Does the Policy Include Towing and Roadside Assistance?

car insurance roadside assistance
Don't get stranded without help. Get roadside assistance through your insurance provider.

Some insurance policies come with towing and roadside assistance service as perks. These things can come in handy if you have a vehicle that breaks down. They can also help you out if you lock your keys in your car, run out of gas, or get a flat tire. Not every insurance policy has this, and if you want some extra peace of mind, it shouldn’t cost too much to add this to your policy. Discuss your options with your insurance agent. Having to pay for towing or some kind of roadside assistance on the fly is usually much more expensive, and you’ll be better off in the long run if you get it through your insurance provider.

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