Sure, you may have used your car's roof rack with a traditional roof box to stash your road trip necessities, but a new company called Lugga is taking roof cargo to a whole new level. The team at Lugga created a modular suitcase and car rack luggage system which allows you to stack up to 4 hard shell suitcases in multiple configurations on a specialty roof rack. Best of all, the rolling suitcases can be removed and used as standard rolling luggage. 


Aerodynamic tech
Every detail is thought through, including how to make the entire system aerodynamic.

The technology of the Lugga system goes far beyond just a handy spot to stash your suitcases. The roof rack and suitcases form an aerodynamic shape that was specifically designed to distribute airflow by separating the roof and rack. It reduces noise, drag and even helps with fuel economy. 

The system comes with theft-proof locking and if you drive an SUV and are hesitant to leave valuables exposed in the cargo area, the suitcases provide a secure solution. The rack is easy to load, foldable, and storable when not in use.

The Lugga system is also very versatile. The rack is universally designed to fit all vehicles and you can load all 4 suitcases on the rack or only as many as needed. Plus, the rack works for other items like bikes or kayaks.

The Suitcases

Lugga suitcases
The Lugga suitcases will protect your precious cargo from rain, sleet, and theft.

You may be hesitant to stick a suitcase with valuable possessions on top of your car where it can be subjected to the elements. Lugga understood these concerns and designed a waterproof hard shell plastic suitcase that protects the cargo inside from UV rays, rain, snow sleet, and sand. 

The hard shell can also hop from car roof rack to airport without a second thought. It is the same size as traditional large luggage, has a T-grip handle and a TSA approved lock.

How to Buy It

Lugga One
For larger vehicles, the Lugga One will fit 4 large suitcases.

Lugga has a Kickstarter campaign and is accepting pledges for their two systems. You can order the 'Lugga One S' system which is meant for smaller cars and fits 2 suitcases, or you can go big with the larger 'Lugga One' which outfits average and full-size vehicles with 4 suitcases. The One S comes with the rack and 2 hard shell suitcases for $495 and the One comes with the rack and either 2 hard shells for $570 or with all 4 hard shells for $770.

You can learn more about this innovative travel gear on the Lugga Kickstarter Website.