Sedans seem like they're not long for this world. The Ford Fusion and Taurus are as good as dead. Chevy is planning to kill the Impala. Now, it seems the Chrysler 300 is also destined to die an ignominious death, and probably no one shy of amateur rappers and road-tripping businessmen will even notice. 

chrysler 300 red front 34
The 2018 300 is still handsome but can't figure out what it wants to be, luxurious or muscled. 

It appears as though the 300 won't get a replacement after 2020, and that's pretty sad considering that it was once the darling of near-premium sedan lovers everywhere for its blocky styling and big egg-crate grille. When it bowed in 2005, car critics adored it. It was big, fast, and in your face like a Russian mafia sled designed to make for clean getaways. 

chyrsler 300 2005
The Russian limo look of the first-gen 300 was pretty radical for its time. It really looked like nothing else on the road, and that was a good thing.

Over a period of almost twenty years, the 300 was only redesigned one time, and it was really an undramatic change in terms of overall shape. If anything, it grew more refined and less like its predecessor, leaving behind some of the tough ethos that made the 1st-gen car so great. The eggcrate grille was replaced by one with horizontal bars. Even the chunky headlights disappeared and were replaced by more elongated versions. 

chrysler 300 interior
The two-tone cabin is like a really cheap Bentley, and that's not a good thing.

The interior went from black or grey to a weird optional diamond-quilted two-tone seats that looked like they almost qualified for a poor man's Bentley. But what ended up happening was that the 300 became forgettable, upstaged even by its Dodge Charger brother. Even when a high-powered 300 SRT came out, no one really noticed, and boy did it not sell. 

chrysler 300 rear

Now it looks like Chrysler is kicking sedans to the curb altogether. The smaller 200 is already dead, and after the 300 is gone, there won't be a single sedan (or car) in its lineup. It will have the Pacifica minivan and will eventually build the Portal connected electric van for millennials. How sad is that? This is what happens when a carmaker stops paying attention. Sure, sedans are on the wane, but a redesign to make the 300 current and relevant once more could've given it more years. But we'll never know if that would've worked. 

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