We all probably have way too much gear with us on a daily basis: wallet/purse, smartphone, keys, and the list goes on. Plus, not all cars have good places to stow your small items. But the problematic item is the big smartphone (growing by the year). A good, inexpensive dash pad can keep your phone in the right place without having to search for the right-sized cubby/compartment in your vehicle. Every car has a dashboard, and a sticky dash pad requires zero installation. Here is our selection of the three best.

1.  SlipToGrip Premium Cell Pad


SlipTo Grip uses extra thick silicone gel with a cross-hatched surface for extra grip. They're uniquely shaped and easily contour to the surface of virtually any vehicle. The 5.75 x 3.5 inch size should manage most small gear items, including phones, sunglasses, etc. Just clean with soap and water to get rid of dirt and dust and to renew the tackiness. It coems with its own cleaner pad, too. Two pads cost only a few bucks. and they just might save your $1,000 smartphone from flying out the window of your sports car as you take that turn just a little too hard.  

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2. Mate2GO Non-Slip Dashboard Pad 


When you want your dash pad to look better than most, turn to Mate2GO's pad. The Mate2GO's eco-friendly dash pad has attractive, purposeful honeycomb nubs that both grip and cushion, as well as adding some design flair. It's made of resilient black PVC that resist UV rays that pound your car's dash, and it keeps the pads lasting longer than the competition. They easily conform to the shape of your dash, and the look is subtle. The pads come in a pack of three and have a lifetime warranty, too. 

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3. Avanz Car Phone Mount Pad

avanz car phone mount

When you need more than just a pad but a phone holder that helps you view while driving, turn to the Avanz pad/phone mount. The top has a slot that angles your smartphone on your dash, keeping it in plain view for easy navigation. The bottom has grippy silicone and rubber pads, and the phone slot holds devices like Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy Notes from 3.5 to 7 inches. There's even a convenient grippy tray section and cable slots to minimize obstruction. For a mere $14, you can have a pad that does double duty. 

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