To the drivers that live in warm climates and rarely see snow, we envy you. The rest of us know that come November, all we have to do is blink and suddenly our cars are swallowed up by snow and ice. That first big snowfall forces you to draw your weapon (the snow brush buried deep in your trunk) and go into battle with the elements while you subject your hands to potential frostbite. For some of us, this war drags on for months and even into early spring.

Woman using snow joe extendable brush
Extendable brushes like the Snow Joe let you clear large amounts of snow, fast.

To reduce the stress that the incoming season brings, we went on the hunt for some serious tools that cut down on the time it takes to clear a snow-covered vehicle. Extendable snow brushes are a genius solution, allowing you to clean your windshield in one fell swoop without getting snow all over yourself and minimizing the damage to your extremities. With the popularity of taller vehicles like pickup trucks and SUVs growing each year, these XL brushes also make it easier to get snow off a higher roof. Here are the top 4 extendable snow brushes and scrapers to get you through the next 4-6 months. 

1. BirdRock Home Snow Moover Extendable Car Brush

Birdrock extendable snow brush

As its name suggests, the BirdRock Home Snow Moover ($25) lets you move heavy snow off your car and easily reach the hood and roof. When compact, the brush measures 35", but when you need a little help reaching, there's an option to extend the handle length to an SUV-friendly 50". On one end, you'll find a thick bristled brush for moving the wet stuff and on the other, a double duty scraper. One side of the scraper has jaws to break apart hard sheets of ice, while the other side is flat to get under the ice and move it away. The foam grip covering your brush will help you hold onto it comfortably as you de-ice your car. 

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2. Snow Joe 2-In-1 Telescoping Snow Broom + Ice Scraper

Snowjoe extendable snow broom

Nothing is worse than when you're running late and find your car buried under a foot of fresh snow. The Snow Joe Telescoping Broom ($20) lets you clear mounds of heavy snow in record time with its scratch-proof, 19-inch foam broom head. Flip the Snow Joe over to break up sheets of ice and remove it from your windshield and windows. Even vertically challenged drivers can get to their snow-covered roof by simply twisting the handle to extend it. You select your choice of handle length with a 33" compact size that extends to 52". Need another reason to order it? This lightweight broom only weighs 1.5 lbs for easy handling.

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3. OXO Good Grips Extendable Twister Snow Brush 

OXO extendable snow brush

This sturdy brush and scraper combo from OXO ($20) will be your go-to all winter long, even in the worst of blizzards. It's bristle brush and ice scraper are conveniently located on the same side and the brush head swivels 90 degrees to make it easier to move piled up snow. The ice scraper is made from a tough polycarbonate blade that takes no prisoners while it's restoring your visibility. Best of all, you can gain an extra 11" on top of the compact length of 25" with the press of a button.

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4. SubZero 50" Extendable Crossover Super-Duty Snow Broom 


The SubZero Extendable Snow Broom ($18) offers a unique curved handle which helps you scrape snow, frost, and ice off your car without exerting too much effort. For those of us with a wingspan of a T-Rex, the handle extends from 31" to 50" with the press of a button. The broom head pivots when it's set to the shorter length and locks in place when extended. Unlike the cheap plastic brushes you can buy from your nearest convenience store, this snow broom won't snap in half as you're trying to break into the ice that's enveloped your windshield.

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