Yes, the new 2019 Mazda3 5-door is gorgeous, having just been revealed last week to the joy of many an automotive enthusiast. It's more upscale, more attractive, and more stylish than pretty much any vehicle at its price. Enthusiasts love the 3, as well, because it's simply wonderful to drive. But many of us have been waiting for Mazda to build a new Mazdaspeed3 hot hatch. It looks like we'll have to continue to wait. 

mazdaspeed3 red rear 34
The original Mazdaspeed3 was a monster of a hot hatch with in-your-face looks.

Specifically, in reference to the MazdaSpeed3 (MPS), Mazda President and CEO Akira Marumoto recently stated, "Mazda is a small player and if [you are asking whether] that segment has a high particular priority for Mazda my answer would be no. Therefore we not planning for MPS in the future." 

Our own inside sources say that the MazdaSpeed3 doesn't fit in with the direction in which the brand wants, to go, a more upscale one. Though it's doubtful that Mazda will start a new premium brand like Toyota/Lexus or Hyundai/Genesis, it's pretty clear from the continued refinement in their vehicles, Mazda is serious about upping their game. 

mazda kai concept

Of course, we're not the only ones who think the 2019 Mazda3, based on the stunning Kai Concept (above), would make great bones for a next-generation MPS. The all-wheel drive option would be a huge help to mitigate the terrible torque-steer of the original vehicle. But it looks like Mazda doesn't want too much of a youth-oriented, tuner-type perception. 

2019 mazda3
We could totally see a MazdaSpeed3 built from the new 2019 Mazda3 5-door. This rearview shows an already racy look that would be even better with aggressive bits.

Though the brand clearly wants to retain its driving-focus, they no longer want to go after performance-focused cars with high output. Instead, they prefer to be a true alternative to upscale German brands with sumptuous interiors, great design, and continued great driving dynamics their brand is known for. Marumoto stated that as long as the brand pursues quality, comfort, and refinement, it will succeed. 

mazdaspeed3 red lights

The original MazdaSpeed3 certainly did not bear much refinement or comfort. Though the interior was fine, it was still somewhat rough in its execution with a lot of plastic, bare bones infotainment, and a bit of an ergonomic mess inside (see photos below). New Mazdas are a huge departure from two generations ago with premium materials, award winning ergonomics, and a look and feel that belie their price point.

mazdaspeed3 red interior

mazdaspeed3 red seats

Though we're sad to see the likelihood of a new MazdaSpeed3 virtually eliminated for the near future (and perhaps for the long-term), we are thrilled to see the brand evolve into something truly special. There frankly is no mainstream affordable brand doing what Mazda is doing with gas engines, exterior design, as well as interior design and quality. The new Mazda3 isn't just good enough, it should prove to be truly great, and we can't wait to drive it.

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