It's hard to make sense of what's happening in the auto industry these days. Ford has killed off all of its passenger cars (Fusion, Fiesta, Focus, and the Taurus), GM is shuttering factories and ending the lives of the Chevy Impala/Cruze/Volt, the Cadillac XTS, and the Buick LaCrosse. It seems that no sedan today is safe from the guillotine, and anyone could be next if the sales are any indication. 

ford fusion sport red
The Ford Fusion Sport can't help but head towards the light of the afterlife. It's a goner.

Overall, sedan sales are on the decline, taken over by skyrocketing sales of crossovers, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Even those sedans that are still selling in big volumes but on the decline could go away because it's hard for automakers to see a future where investment in their production still makes sense. Even luxury sedans aren't exactly safe. Here are some that might be next based on the sales figures. 

Acura RLX

acura rlx
The RLX finally got done right for 2019, but it could be too late for the luxury sedan.

Acura's struggling flagship sedan has been in the doldrums for quite a while with boring styling and less than stellar reviews. Finally, Acura tweaked things for 2019, turning the RLX into more of a head-turner just as sedan sales get worse. It's a case of bad timing for the model. Sales might be up 63% compared to last year thanks to the new model, but a mere 159 units were sold last month, which is painfully low. 

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Kia K900

kia k900
The new K900 continues the model's trend of value luxury but with better styling. Will it make any difference, though?

The Kia K900 is truly opulent, offering nearly the same level of luxury as the Germans at far less coin. Kia even saw fit to deliver a brand new design for the 2019 model year after only a couple of short years of the last one, which was pretty good, to begin with. Roomy, comfy, well-built but still sadly relatively unrecognizable with very little street cred, the K900 just doesn't sell. Sale are down 28% from last year, and a paltry 22 units were sold last month, which makes the Acura RLX look like its selling like gangbusters. 

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Genesis G90

genesis g90
The 2019 G90 might just not be distinct enough for luxury car buyers. 

We drove the G90 and really loved it, but large Korean luxury sedans are having a tough go at it. There's just not enough prestige behind the badge to draw people away from Merc, BMW, Audi, Lexus, and Jaguar. Too bad because Genesis cars are phenomenal. Maybe buyers don't want value, just status. Genesis just showed off their 2020 G90, and they hope its distinct looks will set it apart. Let's just hope it's not a case of too little, too late. 

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Lincoln MKZ

lincoln mkz
Even with a new grille and more creases, the MKZ seems doomed for the crusher.

In 2017, there was news that the MKZ would die or get renamed. Neither has happened (yet). MKZ sales are down 28% from last year, and buyers weren't flocking to dealerships in 2017, either. Part of the problem is the fact that there are better luxury sedans out there that don't look as derivative as the MKZ. The new Lexus ES is far better to look at and to drive, and the Audi A6 totally outclasses it, as well. 

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