Just when you thought you didn't have enough time on your hands, a video surfaces of some Russian guy named Konstantin Bogdanov who's apparently beyond obsessed about building seriously realistic scale models. No, we're not talking about some Revell kit bought from Walmart. We're talking a build that's virtually from scratch... over the course of a year. That's right. Bogdanov builds a 1/6 scale 1961 Dodge D100 pickup truck with his bare freakin' hands and a small amount of help from a 3D printer and various household knick-knacks. And you can barely fold a paper airplane.

The sheer level of detail and precision involved is mindboggling, and you can't take your eyes off the work. The man's cat isn't much help. That's for sure. The D100 he builds looks like one that's been used for the past half century, and it's truly a sight to behold. The 44-minute video was taken over a full year, and he spares no detail, even creating dents, rust and hand-cutting the Dodge badging and adding patina to them. We're guessing he's not married... or now divorced. 

dodge d100 red
The real 1961 Dodge D100 pickup truck from an old ad. We like the beat-up model better.

At one point, Bogdanov even uses a red mouthwash bottle nozzle to create the period correct taillights. The gray vinyl seats even get the vintage treatment. The door locks, lights, steering wheel, and windshield wipers even operate. What, was this guy a bridge operator at the slowest river in the world? Talk about having time and patience on your hands. Even the "sweptline" body crease the D100 was known for was created painstakingly by hand and just about perfectly.

marty mcfly figure hot toys
Yep, the figure in the video is none other than Marty McFly. (image: Hot Toys)

The choice of a Back to the Future Marty McFly figure is brilliant at the beginning and at about 37:05 into the video. Bogdanov used the video to serve as a detailed instructional for model builders if they have the time and materials on hand. The big question is whether or not anyone can match his precision and longsuffering to make this D100 come to life. We certainly have our doubts, but consider the gauntlet thrown down in the most authoritative of ways.