Movie and TV cars are special. They don't have to be the fastest, the most menacing, or the most futuristic to be memorable. They just have to fit the show or movie just about perfectly in order to be convincing. Well, of all companies to bring so many of them together, none of the than juggernaut retailer Walmart has done it in a commercial to promote their Grocery Pickup service. It's one of the best, if not the best, car commercials ever made. Check it out below. 

Here's a list that captures all the cars included in the commercial:

  • Batman vs. Superman Batmobile
  • Dumb & Dumber Shaggin' Van
  • Knight Rider's K.I.T.T.
  • Jurassic Park Ford Explorer
  • Transformer's Bumblebee
  • Ghostbuster's Ecto-1
  • Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage (okay, not exactly a car)
  • Scooby Doo Mystery Machine
  • Back to the Future Delorean DMC-12
  • Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen
  • National Lampoon's Family Vacation Family Truckster
  • Fred Flintstone's Footmobile

It's quite the assembly of cars from TV and from the silver screen. It looks like some of them are the real deal (Batmobile, Family Truckster, Ecto-1, K.I.T.T), while some are CG (Pumpkin, Footmobile, McQueen, Bumblebee), but no matter. The commercial brings back so many memories and does it in such a playful way. We can't imagine the rights Walmart had to procure before even thinking about how to do this commercial. 

Some vehicles are definitely missing, and we would've chosen the following cars to make this commercial even longer than its 90-second running time.

Bullitt Mustang

The king of cool, himself, Steve McQueen helmed that iconic dark green Ford Mustang and drove it like a bat out of hell while chasing a Dodge Charger through the hilly streets of San Fran. It might not be mainstream in terms of movie cars, but it's certainly one of the most memorable to us. 

Speed Racer Mach 5

No, we're not talking about that monstrosity of a live action movie from 2008 that attempted to imitate the classic Japanese cartoon. The original TV show (originally titled Mach Go Go in Japan) was an after school staple for so many kids growing up in the '70s. The Mach 5 was Speed's super-fast, intensely-gadgeted car that still looks cool today. 

Batman Batmobile (Tim Burton)

Sure, there's a Batmobile in the commercial, but it's not the one that hit the silver screen with such impact as the Tim Burton version with Michael Keaton's Dark Knight behind the wheel. Bulletproof, menacing, and super fast, it would've been our choice.

Fast & Furious Dodge Charger

Who doesn't know Toretto's insane Dodge Charger from the Fast & Furious movies? This thing would've garnered huge applause if it showed up in the commercial with all its hi-po modifications and its huge air intake popping out of the hood. Even if they could've gotten this, it's unlikely that Vin Diesel would've showed up.

Mad Max Ford V8 Interceptor

Though it's Aussie through and through, the Ford Interceptor from Mad Max was one seriously iconic car. We doubt many kids today would recognize it, but those of us who remember the police revenge movie so vividly would've whooped and hollered to see that nitrous oxide monster pull up to get some Walmart groceries.

Smokey & The Bandit Pontiac Trans Am Firebird

Burt Reynold's piece of automotive Americana, the Screaming Chicken Pontiac Trans Am Firebird replete with black and gold paint, the classic T-top would've been great to see in the commercial. It would've also been a great homage to the late actor. 

Goldfinger Aston Martin DB5

No car movie commercial is complete without something from the Bond movies, and there's nothing more iconic than the Aston Martin DB5 that's shown up in both Connery and Craig Bond movies. The DB5 is the epitome of slick, subversive, spy-worthy automobilia, though we doubt Mr. Bond would shop at Walmart.