With summer approaching, we’re looking forward to taking our furry friends out to parks, beaches, and camping trips. As most dog owners know, our four-legged companions are truly man’s best friends. Unfortunately, the relationship between pets and vehicles is a little more complicated. All it takes is one muddy hike with the mutt and our entire vehicle is suddenly covered in dirt. Even the cleanest of pooches still has a habit of shedding its coat all over the seats. And when we're not worrying about the car, we're thinking about our dog’s safety and comfort on long trips. These 5 car accessories will eliminate both concerns for hassle-free drives with the best bud.

1. Car Bench Seat Cover

car bench cover

If your dog hangs out in the backseat instead of the cargo area on your drives, you know the toll that dirty paws and shedding season can have on your seats. And if you sprang for a higher vehicle trim to get the leather seats, your struggle is magnified. Instead of constantly swapping out old blankets and towels, get a designated seat cover just for rides with Fido. The AmazonBasics Waterproof Car Bench Seat Cover ($19) measures 56" x 47"  and fits most standard bench seats. It protects against scratches and mud and it is waterproof in case Fido gets a little too excited for the road trip. 

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2. Dog Cargo Liner 

car cargo liner

Driving a large SUV gives your pooch plenty of space while traveling. If you're like us and enjoy exploring with your dog, you know that your SUV's cargo area can quickly go from clean to smelly in just one excursion to the great outdoors. A cargo cover like the Oxford Car SUV Seat Cover ($23) is made from washable, waterproof materials to eliminate any concerns about slobber getting all over the same area where your groceries go. It measures 61" x 41" x 13" to fit most SUVs and can be installed by simply locking two strap buckles around the headrest. 

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3. Car Seat Barrier for Dogs

Car barrier for dogs

If we had it our way, we'd spend most of our day close to our dogs. There are a few times, however, when we don't want Buster right up in our face. One of those times is when we're behind the wheel. Some dogs just lay down while the car is moving, but others try to climb into your lap as you're driving. Distracted driving is extremely dangerous and can jeopardize your safety and the safety of your pet. A simple and inexpensive solution is the Autown Car Dog Barrier ($11).  It is made from strong, flexible mesh that clips in between the two front seats via four strong safety hooks and keeps your dog from trying to take the wheel. 

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4. Car Vacuum

Car Vacuum

Unless you own a poodle or one of the many poodle hybrids on the market, shedding is just part of life as a dog owner. The dog hair will find its way onto your floors, clothes and of course, your car's interior. You can just wave the white flag or take charge by stashing a portable, handheld vacuum in your vehicle for easy touchups after your dog's day out. The Costech portable vacuum ($20) simply plugs into your cigarette lighter and sucks up all the dirt and dog hair your pup is bound to leave behind. With three different attachments and a handy carrying case for storage, it will rescue you from the hairiest situations. 

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5. Dog Safety Harness

dog harness

For the dogs we referenced earlier who just can't sit still in the car, sometimes more drastic measures need to be taken. Just like people need to be buckled in for the safest ride, your pet is also in danger of getting injured if you have to make a sudden stop or are involved in an accident. The East-Bird Dog Safety Belt and Harness ($10) gives your dog a comfortable and safe car experience. A padded harness goes around your dog's chest and a doggy seatbelt comes in various sizes to secure mutts big and small. The harness comes in four colors with everything from black to camo to complement your dog's personality. 

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