Have you seen a family member or a friend using lumbar support cushions in their car and wondered if they really work? In addition to anecdotal evidence, there is some real, science-backed evidence that indicates these pillows can help reduce back pain and improve posture. For those of us with a long daily commute or for drivers who enjoy road trips, these top 5 car lumbar support options provide much-needed relief. All are under $40, take just one minute to install and will make sitting in stop-and-go traffic much less painful.  

1.  Anyshock Lumbar Support Car Pillow

Anyshock car lumbar support

Your grandma always told you to stop slouching, right? Ours did. Well, turns out she was right. Slouching in your driver's seat, work chair, or home office chair can be the cause of that mysterious (and annoying) back pain you've been struggling with. The Anyshock lumbar car support pillow ($27) comes to the rescue with an ergonomic design to support the natural curve of the spine. Whether you're sitting in a car or at your desk, adding this cushion to the equation helps you sit up straighter and slouch less. The cushion comes with a breathable mesh cover that zips open and can be thrown in the washing machine for easy cleaning. The straps are adjustable to fit any chair, which means you can take this cushion from car to office in a snap.

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2. Dreamer Car Auto Seat Lumbar Support 

Dreamer car lumbar support

Made out of high-density memory foam, the Dreamer Car lumbar support cushion ($34) can help relieve the persistent back pain and tension caused by the frequent start and stop of traffic. It supports your spine's alignment and absorbs the pressure of driving while improving sitting posture. Secure it with two adjustable straps and select the height of your choice to hang it on your car seat. Just don't get too comfortable while driving. It's not called "Dreamer" so you can fall asleep at the wheel. 

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3. Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Back Cushion

Memory foam car lumbar support

The Everlast Comfort lumbar support car cushion ($20) is made from 100% memory foam and comes with the added benefit of a gel infused layer to provide not only back support, but also a cooling effect. Its ergonomic design targets back pain that results from sitting for extended periods of time. It comes covered in a hypoallergenic breathable cover that allows air to circulate and help keep you cool. Two sturdy, adjustable straps can secure the cushion to your car chair, work chair or home office chair. Sit back and relax or transport it from car to office without fear thanks to a lifetime guarantee. 

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4. Samsonite Ergonomic Car Lumbar Support Pillow 

Samsonite SA5243 - Ergonomic Lumbar Support Pillow

An excellent value for the money, the Samsonite lumbar support pillow ($16) is a compact and convenient way to put the joy back into driving. Made from high-grade memory foam, this car lumbar support cushion relieves back pain caused by poor posture, previous injury or the hours you put in on the road or at your desk. The ideal combination of firm, supportive and comfortable, this cushion might make you want to go for a drive just to relax. When was the last time you did that, again? At this price, you can buy two and keep one in your car and the other at your office.

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5. Anyshock Car Headrest and Lumbar Support

Anyshock Car Headrest Lumbar Support

The Anyshock Car Headrest Pillow and lumbar support ($30) is a two-in-one solution for neck and back pain resulting from long drives, bad posture, chronic back issues or all of the above. Made out of a soft fabric that is waterproof and easy to clean, this ergonomic duo is a hassle-free way to free yourself from the pains of driving. The headrest can be adjusted into three possible positions to fit each driver's height. The cushions are cloaked in a breathable zippered cover to help keep you cool. Choose from either black or beige to complement your vehicle's interior. 

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