If we had our druthers, we'd choose charcoal grey for our vehicles. We're just that exciting. Actually, our preference is to have a vehicle that's beautifully designed but with colors on the more muted side so as not to draw too much attention. But there are those who like their vehicles to stand out, and we can certainly appreciate that some carmakers still make bold colors that look like they were pulled from a box of Crayolas. Here are some of the wildest car colors available today. 

Chevrolet Camaro - "Crush"

camaro crush
The Camaro is one of the best performing cars on the road today. Why not draw more attention? (image: Chevrolet)

The Camaro ($25,000 base MSRP) has changed dramatically in the 21st Century. Instead of just being a straight line pony car, the Camaro is now a bona fide street carver, and it's even considered a threat to the Corvette when outfitted in ZL1 trim with 650 horsepower from the monster 6.2-liter V8. The looks have changed, as well, and now it sports some of the best sheetmetal in the performance car segment. Of course, you could get it in black or grey, but when "Crush" orange is available, why not go balls out? This color doesn't cost you any more than the more sedate hues, but it might draw the police, so it could add up in the end. 

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BMW X2 - "Galvanic Gold"

bmw x2 gold
The X2 might just be BMW's most unique offering. Gold just accentuates things even more. (Image: BMW)

We can't exactly figure out the new segment BMW is trying to create with the X2 ($36,400 base MSRP). It's part hatchback, part wagon, and part crossover, but it drives like a sporty car. It really does qualify as distinct flavor, not just for the brand but in the automobile industry as a whole. Unlike the weird X4 and X6, the X2 actually appeals to us in a fresh way that doesn't seem like an afterthought. Add the Galvanic Gold Metallic paint, and it'll cost you $550 extra, but what you get is a special color that most carmakers aren't even offering. 

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Ford Mustang - "Need For Green"

mustang need for green
In the case of the Mustang, it seems green means go pretty much all the time. (Image: Ford)

The Ford Mustang ($26,670 base MSRP) is the one car that survived the model-chopping at the Blue Oval, and thank goodness. It's an iconic pony/muscle car that deserves to live on, and not just in the hearts and minds (but also the garages) of its devotees. Ranging from a potent EcoBoost four-cylinder to the monster GT 500 with 760 horsepower and 625 lb-ft of torque, the Mustang is a total beast that'll make bystanders drool or scream, as well as soil your own dungarees as you rocket to illegal speeds. So, why not go the distance and "pony" up the extra $770 for Need For Green paint? 

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Audi Q8 - "Dragon Orange Metallic"

audi q8 dragon orange metallic
The Q8 is already a looker. Bright orange paint spices things up even more. (Image: Audi)

Audi's crossovers are some of the best in the business. Well-styled inside and out, quick regardless of trim, and solidly built, just about anyone would love to have one in their garage. That much more so with the new and very slick Q8 ($67,400 base MSRP) lifestyle crossover. It's based on the Q7 but ditches the third row and adds racier styling to the mix. A V6 combined with a mild hybrid system means efficiency and power wrapped in one package, along with what might be the brand's best interior. Dragon Orange paint adds $595 to the price but also adds the vehicle's ability to pay homage to summer sunsets and your kid's orange sherbet you're praying he doesn't drop on the Q8's fine leather seats.

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Chevrolet Sonic - "Shock"

chevy sonic shock
Make the sensible Sonic hatchback a little bananas with some screaming yellow paint. (Image: Chevrolet)

No one buys the Sonic because it's fast (because it isn't), but for a mere $18,020 base MSRP, you get a well-styled hatchback that has more room than you'd think, solid efficiency, great handling, and a superb infotainment system. Upgrade to the racier RS trim, and you can even get some sweet gloss black wheels. Then just add Shock yellow paint (an extra $395) and a six-speed manual transmission and you've got the makings of a fun, "look at me" three-door that's ready to mildly rock.

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Toyota Corolla Hatchback - "Blue Flame"

toyota corolla hatchback blue flame
The Corolla Hatchback might not be a hot hatch, but in bright blue, it sure looks like one. (Image: Toyota)

We've lamented the last-gen Corolla for being pretty boring to drive and look at, but all that has changed with the arrival of the new Corolla Hatchback ($20,140 base MSRP). It's actually quite the head-turner with its smooth lines and dramatic front end. Even the interior is better than ever thanks to the fresh styling and airy feel. The fact that you can get in in a six-speed manual is even more reason to love it. Choose the racy Blue Flame paint that adds nothing to the cost of the little five-door, and you have the makings of a youthful urban go-getter that has one of the most unique paint jobs of vehicles at just about any price.

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Dodge Challenger - "Sublime"

dodge challenger sublime
797 horsepower isn't enough for you? How about some nuclear paint to go with that? (Image: FCA)

The big Dodge Challenger ($27,845 base MSRP) is an anomaly in today's world of hybrids and EVs. Hell, it doesn't even fit into a sensible sedan category. The angry muscle car might as well give birth to Gila Monsters on the side of the road, for goodness sake. The mere fact that you can buy a 797-horsepower Hellcat Redeye Widebody for just north of $90K and roast the hell out of anyone at a stoplight is a testament to the craziness of the brand. Slather the thing in Sublime green paint, and you'll be laying visual streaks of neon all over the town. 

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