We're not exactly holding our breath for a Tesla pickup truck (we want the Rivian R1T), but Elon will still probably get to make one for the masses (and he promises it will be better than the Ford F-150, quite a claim). Well, it looks like one person couldn't wait for it. YouTuber Simone Giertz took an angle grinder and other tools to her otherwise pristine Tesla Model 3 sedan and turned it into a pickup. See the video below.

She took on the huge project with some trepidation, but she was thankfully joined by some like-minded friends to help her with the task of slicing off the back of her red Model 3. She left the chassis untouched (smart), and with plans drawn up, her team started cutting and re-situating electrical, ripping out the back seats, and essentially removing almost the entire back end of the 3. 

tesla pickup rendering
This rendering looks a bit more aggressive than Ms. Giertz's version. (image: Emre Husman)

The result is a truly unique vehicle that's actually pretty cool, despite the fact it seems to have no headliner or covers/lining for the interior of the pillars. The team also installed what appears to be a structural cage and cargo rack in the new bed of the Truckla, making it versatile and probably a bit more rigid. See the hilarious commercial below for the TRUCKLA: Available Nowhere.