If you haven't heard about Amazon Prime Day, you've clearly been hiding under a rock because the news is everywhere. And now that it's officially on (July 15 & 16 only!), you've got to get your hands on some of the best deals on the internet. But there's a ton to comb through to figure out what you could really use, especially when it comes to your car. We've selected a handful of great items to make your life a bit easier. 

Honest Outfitters Luxury Quilted Dog Car Seat Cover car seat cover

The back seat of your car might be a great place for passengers to sit, but it's rough for your dog. Your dog is also rough on your seats, so it's high time you spent just a little bit to protect your car and your pet. This seat cover is waterproof and also protects your seats from dirt, hair, and other things that might show up on accident. It fits over the headrests with anchors, and the quilted surface keeps your pet comfy and safe. There are even storage pockets for gear. For only $28.99 on Prime Day (Almost 17% off), you can save way more on potential damage to your car's seats.

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GELOO 300W Dual Outlet Power Inverter

geloo power inverter

Your DC power outlet and USB ports can't power everything you'd like to take with you, but a simple power inverter can change all that. This dual port power inverter provides 300 watts of DC to AC power and 600 watts of instantaneous power, so there's enough to run your laptop, additional lighting, or whatever else you need, making life in the car far easier than usual. And if you're worried about over-juicing your precious gear, this inverter prevents overheating and overcharging. And it's only $22.49 right now.

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UPRA Ultimate 4-Piece Car Duster Kit


Taking care of your car is serious work, but this four-brush kit will help make things much easier. UPRA's four-brush kit handles both the interior and exterior of your vehicle with soft microfiber bristles that will never scratch and pick up dust like a magnet. The largest brush has bristles 360-degrees around for maximum coverage, and it has an extended handle for car roofs. The shorter brush has a wide head, making it easy to take on dashboards and door panels. The thick cloth is ideal for interior and exterior and is also washable. There's a small interior brush for vents and small crevices that you always struggle to clean. All this for $28.99, means keeping your car looking its best doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg.

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Seven Sparta Car Cup Holder Expander Organizer

seven sparta cup holder

Not all cupholders are created equal, and that can make it hard to tote your favorite beverage container. It ends up rolling around your passenger seat or relegated to your bag/briefcase. But there are more civilized solutions including this expandable cupholder. It fits in a standard cupholder and also expands to fit different-sized cupholders. It will house most bottles that are 3.4 to 3.8 inches in diameter, meaning it can handle larger water bottles and coffee mugs. The tall sides and rubber feet inside keep containers secure while driving. It's now only $23.99 on Prime Day.

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Pumpkin 10.1-Inch Portable Headrest DVD Playerdvd player

Keeping the kids entertained in the back seat isn't easy, and you can't always help them with their smart devices while you're driving. This portable DVD player with remote control means they can stay quiet, and you can stay safe while you're behind the wheel. Its large 10.1" full color 1080p screen is vivid and can even connect to your mobile phone or other smart device, in addition to playing DVDs. You can even buy two and connect them with an AV cable to run the same movie. It'll also remember where you left off in the movie and resume it from that point. How's that for convenient? Right now, it's only $125.99 on Prime Day, saving you $25 off the original price.

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Jelly Comb Multi-Port USB Hubjelly comb usb

Two USB ports just aren't enough to keep all of your devices charged, especially if you're a road warrior with a lot of gear. This 65W/13A rapid charging hub can handle up to six devices and can even recognize what devices are plugged in to provide the right amount of power without overdoing it and damaging vital internals. It's even got a 4.6-foot adapter cable to for ideal reach. Just plug it into your 12V DC charging port, and you're ready to go. Right now, the hub is only $17.99 but the convenience it provides is priceless. 

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