From the moment you wake up to the time you get back home, the day is fraught with craziness. There are products out there to make the whole day, including your actual commute, better than it is now. Lucky for you Amazon Prime Day is still going on through midnight tonight (Pacific Time). Here are some of the best savings on items to make your whole day that much better.

Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier

air purifier

Waking up is hard enough, but getting your butt out of bed will be easier with a good air purifier. You'll be more alert for your drive if you can get fresh, filtered air while you sleep. The Blue Pure 211+ doesn't just look like a friendly Star Wars Droid, it also captures up to 99% of dust, pollen, pet dander, mold, bacteria, and even viruses. It's also whisper-quiet and can virtually eliminate odors from cooking, pets, and VOCs. Filters are thankfully machine washable, too. It can filter room air 5 times per hour and handle up to 540 square feet. It's now $199, a 27% off at a savings of $79. Now, who's ready to start the day? 

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Sboly Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker

sboly coffee maker

You don't have time (or the need) to brew a full pot of coffee, and you want to save time in the making (and later in the cleanup). This single serve coffee maker uses K-CUPS as well as grounds in the included basket. It will brew a hot cup of coffee in just 90 seconds and takes up very little counter space. It prevents overheating and will also auto shut off, so there's no worry about grabbing the coffee on the run. Right now, it's only $49.95 during Amazon Prime Day.

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Emisk Leak Proof Thermal Travel Coffee Mug

emisk coffee mug

Your morning brew is only as good as its on-the-go container. After all, you want it to stay hot and fresh without worrying about spilling it everywhere. The Emisk travel mug is insulated and keeps coffee hot for 6 hours (we hope your commute isn't that long). Its one-click button opens up for you to drink and clicks shut for spill proof protection. Food grade stainless steel double wall construction and an easy clean lid make this a great way to dispense hot java so you can get charged up and stay awake. It's only $18.99 during Prime Day, or the equivalent of about six cups of Starbucks.

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Big Ant Cooling Car Seat Cushion

big ant cooling seat cushion

Maybe your car has heated seats but not ventilated ones. The Big Ant cooling seat cushion will do both and keep you dry in the summer heat. Plug it into your 12V outlet, and the full-sized cushion will ventilate your legs, back, and backside with ease. The internal fans and intake fan make sure your sweaty back gets cooled down quickly. It'll help you remain calm when things get dicey on the road and may even save you a bit of dry cleaning as a result. The cushion is now only $47.99 on Prime Day. 

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Amazon Echo Input

amazon echo input

Some new cars have Alexa built in, but yours may not have it. Fear not, if your car is at least equipped with Bluetooth or a 3.5mm Aux input, you can connect the new (and very affordable) Echo Input to an external speaker and connects via 3.5 mm audio cable or Bluetooth. Just mount it to your dash, and connect it. Get weather, traffic, news, music, etc. from your phone without having to touch anything. You can even pass the time in gridlock by playing games with Alexa to keep you entertained. The list of its capabilities seems almost limitless, and now it can be yours for a pittance. The little magic disc is only $14.99 (WAY down from $34.99) during Prime Day. 

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