Audi has something really crazy up its sleeve for a concept car. It's not a sports car, a crossover, or a sedan. In fact, it's ready for on and off-road adventures with some truly unique technology. Unveiled at IAA 2019 the electric off-roader concept rides high on 22-inch all-terrain tires but is actually intended for Earth usage. Check out the video below:

Okay, so the models might not be very convincing, but the coolness of the AI:TRAIL actually is. The vehicle is a real concept car, not just something created for video. has four electric motors with 320-kilowatts of battery power, and the all-electric range is an impressive 310 miles on road and 155 miles on more rugged paths. 

audi aitrail front 58

The AI:TRAIL gets nifty features like big suicide doors, huge side windows, removable hammock-style rear seats, and most unique aspect of all -- what's known as Audi Light Pathfinder headlights with their "air-mover" rotorless, triangular, electric drones that have integrated matrix LED lighting elements. The drones can land on the AI:TRAIL's roof and also automatically dock in their chargers. They move air like the rotorless Dyson fans for your home, and they can fly ahead of the vehicle to transmit video into the AI:TRAIL's cabin or light up the road. 

audi aitrail drones

The AI:TRAIL also gets Autonomous Level 4 driving, meaning you can take your hands off the wheel and relax, as long as the vehicle remains in a pre-determined area. Though Audi may never build a production version, we could see how the AI:TRAIL would be seriously attractive as a lifestyle/adventure vehicle sometime in the not-too-distant future.