We love exploring on two wheels almost as much as on four. Of course, you could stick to biking the streets and paths near your house, but being able to drive to new destinations and hitting some less familiar trails will give you a whole new perspective. Plus, it's another reason to get outdoors this season. That's why any active SUV owner should have a quality bike rack that will securely transport one or more bikes. These 4 bike racks are convenient to use, compatible with most SUVs, and durable enough to give you the confidence to hit the road knowing your bikes will arrive safely. 

BV Bike Hitch Mount Rack 

BV bike rack

The BV bike hitch mount rack ($150) makes transporting your bike to your favorite scenic spots a walk (or should we say "bike"?) in the park. It features a back tilting design that allows you to secure your bikes on the rack and still have access to open and close your liftgate without removing them. The rack features a three-point connection system with two arms on the bottom and one on top to securely hold the bikes in place and protect them from swaying while you drive. Included is a safety reflector to make night driving safer when you're returning from your all-day ride. When you remove your bikes but plan to head back out in a few days and don't want to remove the rack, just fold it up to save space. BV offers a two bike or four bike rack with the max load at 35 pounds per bike.

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Allen Spare Tire Bike Rack

allen spare tire bike rack

If you drive an SUV with a spare tire on the back such as a Jeep Wrangler or an older Toyota RAV4, this rack is for you. The Allen Sports Deluxe SUV bike rack ($52) will let you easily mount and transport up to two bikes. The rack's individual tie-down system features tie-downs that are fixed in position on the carry arm but can rotate so that they can fit a range of bike frame sizes and styles. The frame and two lower straps will keep bikes firmly in place while you drive, and an extra-wide bottom foot will safely support the weight on the rear tire instead of the rim. The max load is 2 bikes totaling 70 pounds and the rack will fit the majority of rear-mounted spare tires.

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Tyger Bike Mount

Tyger 3-Bike Mount

Maybe you'll only be transporting your bikes on a few occasions throughout the year and you don't want to spend a small fortune on a bike rack. The Tyger Bike Mount ($70) proves that you don't need to splurge in order to safely and securely transport your bikes. This rack is so easy to install and remove, it will only take a few minutes and you'll be good to go hit the trails. It has a padded lower frame that keeps your bikes away from the vehicle and prevents damage. Its sturdy construction means you can go for miles on the highway and your bicycles will stay in place without swaying. Included is a safety strap that will hold multiple bikes together and prevent any movement while you drive. You'll be able to choose from a two-bike rack or three-bike rack depending on your needs.

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Saris Bike Rack

2019 Bike Rack

The Saris bike rack ($230) is made in the USA and is the ideal solution for drivers that transport their bikes frequently or families who will need to use it on multiple vehicles. With a refreshed design, it now fits 89% of vehicles including SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks and even cars with spoilers. Designed with the user experience in mind, the Saris rack is easy and intuitive to install and use on a regular basis. It fits 3 bikes using an integrated strap management system so you don't have to worry about flapping straps. The rack's arc-based design separates multiple bikes on different levels to prevent them from damaging each other while you drive. 

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