So, you don't have a heated steering wheel in your car. Boo hoo. Join the club. A good pair of winter driving gloves can change all that and will make getting in the car on that sub-zero windchill day slightly less dreadful. For this list, we curated 4 pairs of high-quality winter gloves that will keep your hands warm while maintaining a confident grip on the steering wheel, all at an affordable price. All of these options are touchscreen-friendly to ensure you can still operate your infotainment screen without having to remove the gloves on the go. 

Elma Leather Driving Gloves

Elma driving gloves

There are many choices for warm winter gloves out there, but it can be hard to find a pair that isn't made for shoveling snow or snowball fights (i.e. bulky). The Elma driving gloves not only help your hands stay warm while gripping the wheel, but they also let you maintain your sense of style. With genuine Italian Nappa leather and a warm cashmere lining, you'll find excellent quality at an affordable price point. When you need to operate your infotainment system, the touchscreen capability will also come in handy (pun intended).  

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Alepo Driving Gloves 

Alepo driving glovesAnother leather option is this pair of Alepo driving gloves which offers a classic look thanks to the genuine sheepskin leather and cashmere lining that will keep your hands warm whether you're clearing your car after a blizzard or driving to work. The anti-slip materials will allow you to maintain a safe grip on the wheel, because as much as we like Carrie Underwood's hit "Jesus Take the Wheel",  it's a horrible driving technique. The full-hand touch screen capability lets you use any finger to easily answer calls or switch the station on your infotainment screen to keep you connected during one of the busiest seasons of the year.

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VBG VBIGER Winter Driving Gloves

VBG Winter driving gloves

Not into leather? Check out the VBG VBIGER gloves which give you an alternative to traditional leather driving gloves with an anti-slip silicone pad that provides a firm grip on the wheel or your smartphone. The fleece lining will keep your hands warm and comfortable, even for long road trips. The stretchy fabric creates the perfect unisex fit for driving or staying active outdoors through the long winter months. Thanks to the touch screen fabric on the thumb and index finger, you'll be able to easily reject that incoming call from the in-laws to discuss holiday plans. 

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Isotoner Women's Leather Driving Gloves

womens driving gloves

No one wants to sacrifice their personal style for the sake of staying warm in the winter months. Luckily, these Isotoner women's leather gloves mean you won't have to. With a stylish, feminine design, they keep your hands warm, comfortable and in control while driving in the winter. Made from soft leather and spandex for the perfect fit, there will be no problem gripping the wheel while running the holiday errands. You also won't have any difficulty checking emails (after you're in park) thanks to the touchscreen technology for mobile device compatibility. Order these for yourself or as a gift for the women in your life to help them stay stylish and safe behind the wheel. 

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