Winter can be brutal. Morning commutes can be brutal. Combine these two harsh realities, and you'll contemplate closing the blinds, curling up into a ball under your warmest blanket, and not emerging again until the spring. Unfortunately, adulthood won't allow it so we thought of the next best thing - take the warmth of your favorite blanket on the road with you. These 4 electric blankets plug into your car's cigarette lighter to quickly warm you up as you wait for your windshield to de-ice. They're simple to use, easy to store and will keep you from freezing on your commute to work or on your holiday road trips. 

 1. Stalwart Red Plaid Electric Car Blanket 

red electric car blanket

What is it about a red plaid blanket that just screams "Warmth"? This fleece electric car blanket measuring 59” x 43” will keep you warm, no matter what ungodly number your car thermometer is showing today. The Stalwart blanket ($20) is lightweight for easy storage, but it provides serious warmth when you turn it on by plugging it into your car's cigarette lighter. Since many vehicles don't come with heated rear seats, this blanket will come to the rescue. Its long cord means it will reach any row in your vehicle to keep your rear-seat passengers from freezing. When it's not in use, just fold it up and stash it in your car's trunk or back seat.

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2. Eluto Electric Car Blanket 

eluto car blanket

The Eluto polar fleece electric blanket ($39) offers a simple cure for the lack of heated seats in your car. It features multiple heat settings so you can customize your level of toastiness to your liking. It plugs into any standard cigarette lighter or power outlet, warms up fast, and generates evenly distributed heat for your coldest drives. After 45 minutes, the temperature control setting will automatically shut power off to protect you, but you can reset it if you need more heat. Use it daily through the cold months or stash it in your car in case of a roadside emergency. This blanket measures 60" x 43.5". 

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3. Sojoy Travel Electric Blanket Bundle

car blanket bundle

There are people who get cold and then there are people who are always cold. If you belong to the second group or drive with someone who does, this Sojoy car blanket bundle ($60) is made for you. With a fleece electric blanket and a heated seat cushion, it's got your back (and your front). The blanket measures 60" x 40" and offers three heat settings that let you choose between high, medium and low. The car seat cushion fits on most standard seats, and its non-slip design provides the ideal alternative to built-in heated seats. 

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4. Elantrip Heated Car Blanket

heated car blanket

After a full season of use (or sooner), you'll be ready to wash your car blanket. This is especially true if you share your vehicle with kids or pets. The Elantrip electric blanket ($45) is machine washable and can even go in the dryer. The cozy fleece blanket measures 40" x 55" and comes with three heat settings so you can adjust it based on just how angry old man winter is feeling. A 6-foot cord ensures your rear-seat passengers will stay warm and comfortable while you battle the holiday traffic. 

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