Cyber Monday is the perfect opportunity to waste more money than normal, but it doesn't have to be that way. Forget the toe socks or the singing bass plaque. It's time to spend a few bucks on stuff you'll actually use, especially when it comes to your ride. For today only, here are some of Amazon's best car gear values we've carefully curated for your buying pleasure. None of them costs all that much, and you'll find yourself going back to them time and again.

TOPVISION 2200A Portable Car Power Pack 

power pack

Don't get left in the lurch of winter. Here's a high-powered jump starter that negates the need to flag down another car or call your spouse for help. More power in the form of 2200A peak current, it can even jump start a big 6.5-liter diesel truck engine and should be able to handle your small crossover several times over. It also has built in cables, a flashlight with strobe, SOS light, and serious portability, so you can just toss it in your glove compartment. Today, it's a mere $59, a bargain for peace of mind.

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GSPSCN Heavy Duty 150 PSI Inflator & Air Compressor

air compressor

Gas station pumps suck. We all know that. You'll end up overinflating your tires or fail to give them enough air, both quite dangerous. This portable pump is one serious bad boy that delivers 150 PSI and can bring a standard tire (usually about 40 PSI Max) from flat to full in under two minutes. Made of metal for durability, it also comes with a long coil hose, 12V connector, and even battery clamps to juice it up. The rubber feet keep it planted, and the top-mounted gauge is accurate and very legible. Plus, at a mere $50, you can screw those gas station pumps that charge $2 per use (and all in freakin' quarters).

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3M Headlight Restoration Kit

headlight restoration kit

Your car might still look great, but those headlights can get beat up, cloudy, and yellowed. It's like having a pretty face with stained teeth, only your car can't close its mouth. You can change all that and give your car new life for a mere $10. This 3M kit will brighten your car's look by removing the yellowed housings. It includes everything you need to take care of in less than an hour, and you won't need to pony up for new headlights.  

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Lusso Gear Seat Organizer

seat organizer

With all that crap your kids will get for Christmas (yes, you bought them most of it), it's time to keep it all contained in your car so your gas pedal doesn't get wedged by a stuffed animal. This big but convenient seat storage container can tackle it all (unless you bought them rolling luggage). The bargain price of $19 on Cyber Monday gets you 2 large main compartments, 1 zippered compartment, convenient outer pockets for smaller gear and 4 cupholders for those thirsty ones. Now's the part where you tell them never to use the word "bored" while you're driving.

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X-BULL New Recovery Traction Tracks


Sometimes that bag of cat litter just won't cut it when you need to get out of the deep snow. Keep a set of these X-BULL tracks in your vehicle, and you might never get stranded again (unless you ran out of gas, that is). For $55 on Cyber Monday, they could just be an answer to prayer. Place these grippy and tough tracks under the driving wheels, and gas your car evenly and smoothly. They provide nubs on top and bottom to create friction, and they even come with easy carry handles. Choose from four colors, two of which include red and green, to keep you jolly in crisis when all you want to do is curse. 

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