There are two categories of car window decals: the lame and the hilarious. To be frank, we're not impressed by your honor roll student or the baby you have on-board (we were planning to ram into your car, but now that we saw your sticker...) We also couldn't care less about your political affiliation or moral beliefs. If you're going to stick anything on the back of your vehicle, it should make us laugh if we're stuck behind you in traffic. These 10 car decals are perfect for every kind of driver with a sense of humor.

1. For the Broke Parent

huge financial burden on board

As previously mentioned, we don't understand the popularity of those yellow "Baby on Board" bumper stickers. Do they really encourage cautious driving? We have our doubts. Luckily, we found a better alternative. As most new parents have discovered, kids don't come cheap. When your little bundle of joy has drained your savings account dry, the only thing left to do is laugh. This spin on the cautionary "Baby on Board" sticker with baby Carlos from The Hangover, makes us chuckle. It is a  6.5" x 3.5"  vinyl decal ($3) meant to last as long as 6 years. You may want to order a few because you'll have your financial burden on board for much longer. 

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2. For the Star Wars Fan

yoda bumber sticker

We all know the real star of 2020 thus far has been "baby Yoda" from Disney's Mandalorian series. Although baby Yoda has been taking over the internet, the Yoda featured on this irreverent car decal ($8) is all grown up, has the mouth of a sailor, and has zero tolerance for the easily offended. We think this 7.2" x 3.6" decal is best suited for a big diesel pickup truck to taunt the Prius driver behind you. Take your pick of 8 colors, apply to car or truck, and let the hilarity ensue. 

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3. For The Road-Raged

road rage car decal

We all get road rage from time to time, but who can blame us? With the number of bad drivers on the road rising exponentially, you'd think they're throwing driver's licenses around like beads at a Mardi Gras parade. Give these idiots (er, your fellow drivers) a fair warning before laying on your horn with this USA-made decal ($5). It measures 8" x 3-3/4" to get your message across loud and clear. 

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4. For the Concerned Parent

honk if a kid falls out decal

This decal is our favorite from the bunch. In the age of helicopter parents who try to shield their kids from germs, scraped knees, and hurt feelings, this decal is a breath of fresh air. It is best suited for parents with multiple kids who have learned the ropes and developed a laid back approach to their parenting techniques. The 6" x 6" decal ($12) has a quick and simple peel-and-stick application to reduce the chance of your kids falling out while you're applying it. 

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5. For the Stick Figure Family Hater

trex car decal

At first, those stick figure family car decals were somewhat endearing, but then the trend got completely out of hand. We've now seen them on nearly every minivan and 3-row SUV on the road, and we still don't care about your four kids, two dogs, and three cats. What better way to express your hatred of stick families than this 8" x 5" hungry T-Rex decal? ($3) Step 1: Apply to your car. Step 2: pray the car behind you is rocking a stick figure family.

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6. For the Conscientious Parent

Park too close decal

By now you've noticed a trend. Parents like to make other drivers aware that they have kids. Instead of bragging about little Tommy who made the honor roll or little Katie who is the star of her soccer team, how about you warn us not to park next to you? This 8-3/4" x 3" decal ($5) provides real value in the form of a warning for anyone that wants to get a little too close. Despite the non-kid-friendly language, we'd say it's quite courteous. 

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7. For the Outdoorsy

outdoorsy bumper sticker

Whether you're the type that lives for camping, fishing, and hiking or you'd prefer to stay within Wi-Fi range at all times, this decal is good for a laugh. The beer-wielding bear on the full-color, circular 5" decal ($8) serves as an important reminder about the worst-case scenario of enjoying the great outdoors. The USA-made decal uses quality materials to resist fading for years of laughs. 

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8. For the Jeep Loyalist

jeep off road decalJeep owners are a special breed. They have the Jeep wave, the spare tire covers, and the #jeeplife hashtag with over 4 million tags on Instagram. We get it, you're really proud of your Jeep. If you need another way to flaunt your pride in your rugged, off-road machine that may never actually leave the pavement, there's this. A 5.5" circle decal ($8) that reminds lesser vehicles that you have the capability to traverse those rocks like a boss...One day. 

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9. For the Tailgater Vigilante

tailgater car decal

There's nothing more annoying than seeing someone riding your tail in your rearview. When this happens to us, we often want to have some words with the perpetrator, but doing so while driving is either impossible or dangerous. This decal allows you to tell the tailgater exactly how you feel without saying a word. Stick this 6-1/2" x 3" decal ($5) to your rear window and enjoy the increasing gap in distance from drivers behind you. 

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10. For the Fitness "Enthusiast"

marathon cookies car decal

When it comes to race stickers, we've seen it all, 26.2, 13.1, 6.2, and even 0.0. If that last distance is about as far as you like to run, but you can polish off a tray of cookies like a pro, it's time to proudly proclaim it to the world (or at least the guy behind you on the interstate). At first glance, the oval 5" x 3.25" decal ($5) appears to be a traditional marathon sticker, but a closer look reveals your far superior talents.

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