If you're like most drivers, you probably don't give your car key fob a second thought. Most fobs are attached to a key chain along with house keys and thrown into a pocket or purse as you rush out the door. This strategy can leave your car keys vulnerable to getting lost, and it can also allow thieves to access your fob's signal remotely to break into your vehicle. A high-quality car key case not only looks great but can also block the signal to your car so that your vehicle and belongings remain secure. These 3 cases offer style, function, and peace of mind.

1) Tetded Genuine Leather Case

nappa leather car key fob

The Tetded universal car fob pouch ($39) is made from genuine Nappa leather that works as a shield to protect both your keys and your car. The inner lining prevents thieves from remotely accessing your key signal to unlock your car. When you need to unlock or lock your vehicle, you can place the fob in the back slot where your car can read the signal, but when you're not accessing your car, the inner pocket keeps your signal out of reach. An inner string attaches to your keys to keep them securely in place and prevent loss, while the thin, sleek design will easily fit into a pocket or small purse. A magnetic closure makes it easy to access and remove the fob when needed.

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2) Buffway Car Key CaseBuffway car key case

By letting your car key fob roll around in your pocket or purse, the buttons to unlock doors and lower windows can be inadvertently pressed. The Buffway Car Key Case ($10) doesn't block the RFID signal on your key fob, but it will prevent you from accidentally unlocking your doors or trunk, leaving your car (and the possessions inside) exposed to theft. The outside of the case is crafted from genuine leather and 4 inner layers of microfiber offer shock-proof protection for your key fob while you go about your day. A zipper closure gives you easy access to the fob, and the metal hook lets you attach it to a belt loop or bag to keep it within reach. This case will fit most standard key fobs with a size of 3.34" X 1.96" X 0.78".

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3) Faraday Key Fob Case

car fob cover

The Faraday key fob case ($10) works double duty to protect both your car and your credit card from thieves. A large pocket holds your key fob in place, while a smaller front slot is ideal for storing credit cards or IDs.  This case will stop criminals from accessing your key fob signal or credit card information with two layers of protective materials. On the outside, an attractive premium carbon fiber textured material gives this case a luxurious look and feel. Carry your main car key in this protective case, or use it to securely store your spare key at home. The case measures 3.5" x 5.0" to fit nearly any key fob size.

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