Staying hydrated is important year-round, but even more so during the blistering summer months. Packing a bottle of water for your daily commute or a road trip is smart, but only if the bottle you choose is safe. We've all been guilty of leaving plastic water bottles sitting in our cupholders, only to come back to hot water that's unappetizing to drink in the best-case scenario, and dangerous in the worst. Plastic water bottles can leak chemicals like BPA into your water when heated, and although there is mixed evidence as to the levels of BPA which cause a threat, we'd rather not take the risk. Even if the chemicals don't pose an imminent danger, a car fire caused by a plastic bottle will.

As demonstrated in the video, leaving a clear plastic bottle filled with water in direct sunlight can cause the bottle to ask as a lens (similar to a magnifying glass you experimented with as a kid) and catch your car's seats on fire. A high-quality reusable water bottle will keep your water cold on the go while also keeping dangerous chemicals (and vehicle infernos) at bay. The following 4 bottles will get you through any summer heatwave. 

1. Coleman Insulated Water Bottle

Coleman insulated water bottle

No matter if you're venturing out to the great outdoors or just to your cubicle, the Coleman insulated stainless steel water bottle ($15-25) will keep your water cold and keep you hydrated, safely. Thanks to its double-walled insulation, the Coleman bottle will keep water cold for up to 58 hours. The lid has a button-operated auto seal to keep spills and leaks from damaging your leather interior while you're taking a sip behind the wheel. When you're exploring, a protective spout cover on the lid keeps dirt and germs off the bottle's mouthpiece. 

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2. Omorc Travel Water Bottle

Omorc travel water bottle

The Omorc Stainless Steel Water Bottle ($21-25) is your complete on-the-go hydration kit. The insulated bottle is made from medical grade steel to resist oxidation and help preserve the taste of water, tea, and juice. The bottle comes with 2 reusable straws, a separate straw lid, cleaning brushes for both the bottle and the straw, and a cupholder pouch with a strap to let you carry it on your adventure. Not only will it keep beverages cold for 48 hours, but it also keeps hot beverages warm (if hydrating with morning coffee is your thing).

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3. SurviMate Filtered Water Bottle

Survimate filtered travel bottle

Whether you're roughing it in nature or in rush hour traffic, the SurviMate filtered water bottle ($30) will have your back. This reusable bottle is safer than single-use plastic bottles thanks to its tinted, BPA-free design. Not only will it prevent chemical seepage and car fires, but it can also make dirty water safe to drink thanks to a 4-stage filtration system which includes: medical-grade hollow fiber membrane, coconut shell activated carbon, beads, and medical-grade PP Cotton. The simple-to-use filter cleans tap water and water from ponds and streams, making it drinkable. Designed with hikers in mind, there is even a compass located in the lid to keep you on the right track. 

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4. Xtremeglas Travel Water Bottle

xtreme Glass water bottle

When it comes to fresh and unaltered taste, nothing beats a glass water bottle. If you've tried drinking warm water from a single-use plastic bottle that's been sitting in your car, you know it doesn't taste right. Unlike plastic, glass keeps the flavor of water, ice tea, and other cold beverages pure. The Xtremeglas water bottle ($25) is covered with a silicone sleeve so you can take it from home, to car, to office without worrying about it tipping and shattering. The easy-flip lid can be operated with one hand so you can drink water on the go, and if you'd rather indulge in a protein shake, the included spiral shaker ball will come in handy. 

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