There are few things in life that can revitalize us as much as a weekend away from civilization. Camping helps us disconnect from our busy lives and enjoy the gifts of the great outdoors. Unfortunately, some of these "gifts" involve sleeping on rough surfaces surrounded by bugs and critters which can result in no real sleep at all. While some embrace it, we take the position that car or truck camping is the way to go. If you drive a large vehicle, you can easily set it up as your sleeping quarters with a quality car sleeping pad, some pillows, and a blanket. Choose from these top 5 car sleeping pads to transform your next camping trip. 

1. Wellax Car Sleeping Pad

Wellex car sleeping pad

The Wellax car sleeping pad ($88) is made from a thick Ultraflex memory foam that will keep you comfortable throughout the night and for the duration of your weekend getaway. The memory foam supports any sleeping position to prevent back pain or soreness so you can set out on your hiking adventure feeling refreshed. This self-inflating sleeping pad measures 3" thick which means you can use it in your truck bed and feel like you're sleeping in your bed at home. The Wellax car sleeping mat is made to be durable, tear-resistant, and waterproof to last you through many years of outdoor getaways.

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2. Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Pad

Outdoordman car sleeping pad

Known for high-quality products geared towards rugged adventures, Outdoorsman Lab hits the target with its Original Sleeping Pad ($40) design. This lightweight sleeping pad is easy to transport and set up in your car, truck, or tent. The sleeping pad's unique patented air-support cell design molds to your body to keep you comfortable after a long day of exploring. It's made from a durable nylon material which is abrasion, tear and water-resistant. Just inflate the car sleeping pad in 10-15 breaths, grab your sleeping bag, and you'll be ready to stargaze through your sunroof. 

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3. Sleepingo Car Sleeping Pad

sleepingo car sleeping pad

No matter if you're sleeping in a tent or in your truck bed, waking up on a hard surface because your air mattress deflated can quickly ruin your peaceful retreat. Unlike flimsy air mattresses, the Sleepingo car sleeping pad ($40) will ensure this doesn't happen thanks to its sturdy construction. Created specifically to stand up to the elements, this sleeping pad won't be punctured by rocks or twigs if you choose to sleep directly on the ground. The interconnected air cells adjust to your sleeping position to have you sleeping like a baby as soon as you climb in your vehicle for the night. 

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4. Haitral Car Air Mattress

haitral car air mattress

Not all air mattresses are created equal, and we've slept on our share of unfortunate ones in our early camping days. Luckily, air mattresses have come a long way, and now we have options like the Haitral air mattress ($32) which is designed specifically for cars and carries its weight throughout your entire camping excursion. The Haitral car air mattress is made from a soft and velvety fabric, is easy to transport, and fits nearly every vehicle type including cars, SUVs, and trucks. It includes two pillows and an air pump for ultimate comfort and effortless setup. 

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5. Hikenture Double Car Sleeping Pad

hikenture car sleeping pad

If you'd rather spend your camping trip hiking instead of inflating your air mattress or sleeping pad, the Hikenture Double Car Sleeping Pad ($80) should top your list. Not only does it inflate in as little as 3 minutes, but it will stay inflated through the night thanks to its durable design. At 3.75" thick and 47.5" double-wide, the Hikenture pad sleeps 2, and provides comfort and support for any sleeping position. This car sleeping pad weighs only 3.6 pounds and compresses down to a compact 13.8*5.9" to make it easy to pack up and transport on your getaway. 

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