Commuting is stressful enough as is, but then you add a global pandemic and crazy drivers to the mix, and any desire to get behind the wheel in the morning dwindles away. Although you can't control other drivers, traffic, or the length of your commute, you can find your zen amid the chaos with the simple addition of a massaging car seat cover. We'll highlight the main types of massaging car seat covers, the reasons to get one, and the top 5 covers to improve your commute. 

Types of Massage Car Seat Covers and Their Benefits 

massaging car seat benefits

A massaging car seat cover or cushion is an investment that your future self will thank you for time and time again. Car seat massagers can range from the old school wooden bead cover that drapes over your car seat, to lumbar support cushions, and full seat covers that add heating and cooling features. The type of massage car seat covers provide also comes in several varieties from a gentle vibration to an invigorating Shiatsu rolling massage. 

A good car massager reduces fatigue and stress from the daily grind on your commute. On long drives, it can relieve back pain that comes with bad posture and can make road trips more comfortable. The heating function can further reduce tension while cooling massagers are ideal for hot summer drives. These 5 car seat massagers range from throwback wooden beads to high-tech heated, cooled, and Shiatsu options. Grab one for your daily trek or your upcoming road trip to keep stress and back pain at bay.

1. Memory Foam Massage Car Seat Cushion

snailax car seat massager

The Snailax heated car seat massager ($60) might just make you look forward to sitting in traffic on your daily commute (yes, really). That's because it's made of ultra-plush memory foam fabric that's loaded with relaxation-inducing features like 6 vibration motors and 3 heating pads to help relax the tight muscles in your back, shoulders, and thighs. Just attach the seat massager to your vehicle's driver's seat with the adjustable elastic straps and plug it into your cigarette lighter with the included adapter to turn your long drive into your personal escape. 

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2. Natural Wood Beaded Car Seat Massager 

wood beaded massager

Sure, you may associate beaded car seat covers with your parents' or grandparents' generations (or cab drivers) but this tried-and-true car accessory can be the game-changer you've been waiting for. For drivers who put in dozens of miles every day, the Excel Life beaded car seat massaging cover ($60) will provide much-needed tension relief and will keep the seat nice and cool in hot weather. The beads are made from high-quality, durable natural wood with spacing designed for ventilation, and the sturdy double-strung design is crafted by hand. Simply drape it around the headrest and the non-slip pad will keep it in place as you hit the road.

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3. Car Massage Lumbar Cushion 

Car massaging seat cover

A car seat cushion that provides lumbar support coupled with massaging power can reduce the discomfort and back pain that you thought was inevitable on long drives. The Carejoy Electric Massage Cushion ($25) is an affordable way to help relieve soreness and fatigue and improve your posture behind the wheel. The universal design attaches to any car seat with elastic straps and plugs into the car's cigarette lighter to provide massaging vibrations that improve circulation as you cruise down the highway.

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4. Cooling Car Seat Massage Cushion 

Snailax car cooling seat cushion

We know that it can be tough to keep your cool when someone cuts you off in traffic, but the Snailax Cooling Car Seat Cushion with Massage ($50) will help you chill out. Made from a cool mesh fabric, the groove design of the cushion provides a ventilated layer to keep you from sticking to the seat on those blistering summer days. A built-in fan and 24 air outlets circulate cool air around the seat while 2 powerful vibration massage motors will loosen tight lower back muscles to help you relax and drive pain-free.

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5. Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion

Shiatsu car massage seat cover

The Renpho car seat cushion ($70) takes your mobile massage up a notch or two with the added benefit of Shiatsu. Shiatsu massage is a deeper rolling and kneading motion to truly help you unwind from a long day. The ergonomic S-shape design of the seat cover hugs the shape of your spine while you select from a full back massage or spot massage settings. The rolling massage lets you select from a full back, upper or lower back massage to target soar regions. You can further customize your Renpho seat cover massage by choosing from 3 adjustable intensities and heat therapy to help you forget all the worries of the day (and the incompetent drivers on the road). 

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