There are a few jobs that come with a private office, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a million-dollar view. The majority of jobs come with a cubicle or require us to spend hours on the road. Real estate, sales, construction, law enforcement, rideshare, and delivery jobs often demand staying behind the wheel for most of the day. Our cars serve not only as transportation but also as our mobile offices and cafeterias. A car desk and organizer helps turn your vehicle into a productive workspace no matter where you park it.

Steering Wheel Car Desk

steering wheel car desk

Whether you're always on your laptop in the car, filling out paperwork between clients, or just grabbing a quick bite on your lunch break, a steering wheel desk like the Elfant laptop desk ($30) will make your mobile office work harder for you. This universal car desk uses two hoods to easily attach to any car, SUV, or truck steering wheel or headrest and creates a productive workspace in the driver's seat or in the back row. The larger desk area creates a station for a laptop or notebook, while the smaller section offers a drink holder and space for a phone. 

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Car Front Seat Organizer

car workspace

The only thing worse than a cluttered office space is when that space also has to function as your daily driver. This car workspace organizer ($25) turns a messy car into a mobile filing cabinet with 10 pockets for notebooks, papers, pens, laptops, tablets, drinks, and more. The organizer attaches to your vehicle's headrest with its adjustable straps and buckle and can hang in the front seat or the back. The organizer is made to withstand the demands of any road warrior with a heavy-duty Oxford Fabric made to withstand up to 100 lbs. A waterproof lining protects your papers and electronics from spills.

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AutoExec Car Desk

auto exec car desk

No matter what your current job title is, the AutoExec car desk ($150) will make you feel like you're part of the C-suite. This made-in-the-USA car workstation is an all-in-one solution for a productive workday. It features a non-slip desktop surface, a hidden storage compartment for stashing valuables like a laptop or tablet, and a divider section to file paperwork. Smaller compartments can house pens, sunglasses, and other compact accessories. Perfect for a contractor, real estate agent, or sales rep, this car desk stays in place by buckling into the passenger seat with the seat belt security slot. 

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Car Backseat Laptop Desk

Car backseat laptop desk

This foldable car backseat laptop tray ($15) is a simple solution to keep your laptop secured while you wrap up your busy workday. The foldable tray can serve as a lunch table or laptop desk for you, or as a convenient space for backseat passengers to complete homework or enjoy a snack on the go. Several pockets make organizing easy with a top mesh compartment for papers, a drink holder, and a pen holder. This desk-organizer combo is made from durable material to stand up to daily use and it easily folds up to create more space in the backseat when not in use.

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