The holiday season is in full swing, but with all the craziness 2020 has brought, we understand if gift shopping is the furthest thing from your mind. Lucky for you, there's no need to rush out to the mall, fight for a parking space in a crowded lot, and wait in line just to find a gift for the car enthusiast in your life. Whether they're tech nerds, road warriors, or gearheads, you'll find the perfect holiday gift to thrill your favorite drivers in our hand-curated list. Choose one today and make sure it arrives with time to spare. 

1. Echo Auto Alexa

Echo auto alexa

Most new vehicles come with Apple Carplay, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa, but for all your friends who missed out on these features when they bought their cars, the Echo Auto ($20) will come to the rescue. The Echo Auto connects to Alexa through the mobile Alexa app and plays through the car's speakers via auxiliary input or the smartphone's Bluetooth connection. The Echo Auto makes your loved one's drive safer thanks to voice controls including "play music, check the news, make calls, add to-do-list, set reminders, pay for gas," and more.

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2. Pocket-Sized Multitool 

multitool hammer

The ideal stocking stuffer for the outdoorsy and adventurous car owner on your list, the GreenEver Multitool ($25) provides all the survival tools he will ever need in one convenient (and condensed)  package. From an ax, screwdriver, and knife blade, to a hammer that can break a car window in an emergency, the recipient of this thoughtful gift will be prepared for all the expected and unexpected adventures in the coming year.

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3. Car Tool Kit

car tool kit gift

A must-have for any car lover's garage, the Dekopro complete toolset ($55) provides an all-in-one solution for car repairs and household projects. The tool kit includes combination wrenches, long nose plier, polished quick release ratchet, adjustable wrench, rip claw hammer, measure tape, drive sockets, and more. The tools are made from high-quality steel covered in a high-polish chrome that will hold up to years of tinkering. The set comes in a sturdy case to keep the tools organized and protected.

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4. A Man and His Car

A Man and His Car

Any bookwork car enthusiast will get lost in the stories featured in A Man & His Car  by Matt Hranek ($27). The hardcover book recalls tales of 80 famous car lovers and their favorite rides. The star-studded list includes actor and director Ed Burns talking about his 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal addressing his long-time love affair with trucks, and Jay Leno accounting his history with the 1955 Buick Roadmaster which was big enough for him to sleep in while trying to make it as a comic. A picture is worth a thousand words, and readers will enjoy the stunning car photography that accompanies the stories.

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5. Gearhead Ugly Holiday Sweater

Gearhead ugly sweater

The ugly holiday sweater trend is here to stay, so we found a fitting one for all the gearheads on your list. When it's time to don the festive attire and head to the ugly sweater party, car geeks will appreciate this comfy holiday sweatshirt ($30). A perfect alternative to traditional ugly holiday sweaters which are hot and uncomfortable, this sweatshirt is made from blended cotton to be lightweight and durable. Choose your giftee's favorite color from the 6 options available, and you may even spot them wearing it after the holidays are over.  

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6. Dash Cam

dash cam gift

A quality dash cam serves a double purpose. Not only does it offer protection on the road, but it can also help your buddy capture all his epic road trip views. The Apeman mini dash cam ($40) is easy to operate and provides high definition & night vision recording capturing a wide-angle view of 170 degrees. The dash cam begins recording when the car's engine is turned on and offers the benefit of a loop recording for continuous monitoring. Whether the giftee will use the dash cam himself or monitor his kids' driving, it's one gift that won't be ending up in the junk drawer.

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7. Key Finder

key finder gift

We all have that one friend who loses his car keys daily. Actually, make that car keys, house keys, phone, and wallet. Gifting this friend the Key Finder ($22) will help him avoid unneeded stress and gain back the valuable time he wastes looking for misplaced possessions. The Key Finder includes 4 color-coded receivers that attach to key chains, glasses cases, phones, and more. When these items go missing, all your unattentive friend has to do is press the remote to activate a beeping noise that locates the object from as far as 98 feet away.

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8. Leather Driving Gloves

driving gloves gift

Winter driving gets uncomfortable when temps fall below freezing, and without a heating steering wheel, it can be downright painful. A pair of high-quality driving gloves designed to hold a firm grip on the wheel will make any gearhead feel like he's hitting the apex at Laguna Seca, even if he's just going across town to the grocery store. The Riparo driving gloves ($55) are made from soft genuine leather and offer a classic design complete with a snap closure on the wrist and knuckle holes. 7 color options give you the option to match the gloves to the giftee's car interior. 

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9. Retro Travel Mug

retro travel mug

Nothing makes a long winter road trip better than a stong and piping hot cup of joe. The Tech Tools heated smart travel mug ($35) plugs directly into the car's cigarette lighter to heat liquids to a temperature range of 85-160 degrees Fahrenheit. The mug's LED display alerts the driver when her beverage has reached the desired temperature and monitors the temperature on the display as she drives. The 16-oz, stainless steel mug features a fun retro design and a leak-proof lid for every cold-weather trip your loved one takes this season. 

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10. Electric Car Blanket

electric car blanket

Frigid winter mornings are great for staying in bed under the covers, but getting out the door and into a freezing car is a different story. The Camco electric blanket ($29) provides the warmth your favorite driver needs while she waits for her vehicle to heat up for the morning commute. The cozy checkered blanket measures 43" x 59" and is made from a warm polar fleece. It plugs directly into the car's power outlet with an 8-foot cord to provide even more heat, and its low amperage draw won't drain the car's battery. 

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