Long weekend drives can provide the perfect escape from the stresses of the week. Windows down, radio up, wind in your hair - you think you could drive forever. Then, after an hour or so behind the wheel, you start to feel the pain and realize you don't really want to drive forever. A quality memory foam car seat cushion can provide that extra layer of comfort to unwind and enjoy the drive, whether you're road-tripping or just sitting in rush hour traffic. These four car cushions will relieve pain and pressure from your backside, neck, and spine which can get sore from all the time you spend on the road.

1. Big Ant Memory Foam Car Cushion

big ant car seat cushion

Constructed from a breathable fabric and high-quality memory foam, the Big Ant car seat cushion ($26) will leave your tailbone happy, even on your longest drives. The universal design fits most driver and passenger seats in cars, SUVs, and trucks, and it can also double as an office chair for those of us who sit all day. The non-slip silicone gel prevents the cushion from sliding off the seat as you drive, also keeping it secured in place as you enter and exit the vehicle. A handy front pocket lets you stash small items like phones or cash so they're always within reach. 

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2. QYILAY Leather Memory Foam Car Cushion

Leather memory foam car cusion

We used to be able to drive for hours without needing to stretch our legs, but that has changed in recent years. A couple of hours on the road, and we can no longer feel our thighs. Although we could accept it as a sign of aging and take more rest stops, we're stubborn. Instead, we choose to power through with the help of a memory foam car seat cushion like the QYILAY leather car cushion ($37). This cushion is ergonomically designed to help alleviate pain and is constructed from a slow rebound memory foam for optimal support and weight distribution. The high-quality fabric offers the added benefit of being dirt-resistant and easy to clean. 

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3. Raygis Memory Foam Car Neck Cushion

memory foam car seat neck cushion

Long drives aren't always just a pain in the butt, sometimes they're also a pain in the neck. The Raygis memory foam car pillow ($29) provides optimal neck and head support to keep you comfortable and focused for the long haul. It's designed to fit the cervical spine and prevent side-to-side head movement. The surface of the headrest cushion is crafted from breathable wear-resistant leather which is comfortable against the skin and is easy to clean. Simply attach the cushion to your headrest with the cross straps and enjoy the comfort of the high-density memory foam.

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4. Dreamer Car Lumbar Memory Foam Cushion

dreamer memory foam car seat back cushion

The Dreamer car lumbar support memory foam cushion ($30) will make you look forward to your annual road trip again, and maybe even your daily commute. The ergonomic design improves your posture and relieves pressure on the backbone to reduce pain and tension behind the wheel. The inner core of the cushion is made from high rebound memory foam, and the outer cover can be removed and washed when necessary. The Dreamer cushion attaches to the driver or passenger seat of your car with two adjustable straps which keep it securely in place. 

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