There's not much information about this video, but who really needs it, anyway? This is clearly dashcam footage on what appears to be a light-duty pickup truck, possibly a Chevy 1500 Silverado based on the hood creases, as it follows a four-door hatchback. We can't tell what it is from the blurry video footage. They're driving on a one-lane on-ramp to a freeway when the hatchback comes to a stop. Things go south from there. Take a look. 

Two young men in masks emerge from the right side of the hatchback with what appear to be handguns, and it looks like a third man (possibly the driver) tries to come out. The driver of the truck doesn't hesitate (brilliant) and just gasses it to ram the hatchback. The assailants panic and the driver never gets out. The truck smashes into the hatchback, glass flies everywhere, and the pickup truck driver continues to push the little car. The driver of the hatchback tries to brake, to no avail. 

The truck manages to shove the dinky car to the right and then onto the freeway, coming to a slow stop (possibly to assess the wake of destruction he just left). This is case in point of how you 1) act in a life-threatening situation (equal parts fight and flight); and 2) make the most of your ingenious vehicle purchase. Keep watching it. We're going to.