It's hard to come up with an original automotive design these days. So much of what's out there is derivative. You certainly can't say the Tesla Model X is a copy of any other brand's crossover/SUV. But that doesn't mean it's attractive. Hell, we've seen so many of them driving around the affluent northern suburbs of Chicago, and we have to say that regardless of the trim level or color, it's freakin' ugly as all hell. 

tesla model x white
Yes, it's very elitist because it's a crossover EV that can easily cost over $100K. (image: Tesla)

The Model X does carry a lot of the same styling cues as the very attractive and svelte Model S sedan, but something went seriously awry in the process of creating the Model X. The near-solid fascia, the headlight signature, the fender decor, and the flush door handles are all patent Tesla. Even the general shape of the greenhouse is nearly the same with similar sloping in front and back.

tesla model x snowboards
Even the snowboards can't make the Model X look cool. (image: Tesla)

But the Model X is so much thicker and taller than either the Model X or the new Model 3 that it just looks awkward and bloated. The worst view is from the rear three-quarters where it just looks so interminably thick that it makes the BMW X6 look like a race car. The odd thing is that there are no gauche elements overall, and all of the visual features like the taillights, window surrounds, and the wheels look very good by themselves It's the proportions that throw it off so badly. It really does look like a Model S sedan had an extreme allergic reaction.

tesla model x falcon wing doors open
The dramatic Falcon Wing doors are unique but don't help matters much. (image: Tesla)

So, why do people covet the Model X so much? Well, first of all, it's a Tesla, so it carries with it a reputation backed by an innovative company. Second, it's a very quick crossover (the top trim P100D can get to 60 mph in a little over 3 seconds), while remaining a green car that doesn't use any gasoline. Third, it's pretty exclusive and has very unique Falcon Wing rear doors that make it seem exotic. Who cares about the problems the doors have had failing to close properly or opening at different rates of speed? Minor details, right? 

jaguar ipace
The Jaguar I-PACE EV easily shows up the Model X with its sexy design. (image: Jaguar)

The bottom line is that while the X is surely innovative and unique, as well as very safe, capacious inside, and technologically advanced, at the end of the day it's just hard to look at. Driving the X makes you look like an elitist who doesn't care much about how the X looks as much as what it makes him/her look like. We hope Tesla improves the next-gen Model X, but in the meantime, get yourself the stunning Jaguar I-PACE crossover EV (above).