After Porsche builds the revolutionary and gorgeous Mission E electric vehicle, they plan on expanding their environmental line to include a hybrid version of every model they sell. This is huge news for a car company that pretty much prides itself on building cars that are first and foremost about the sporty driving experience.

Porsche Mission E

Porsche just hit the Twitter airwaves with a 30-seocnd video that reveals their intentions to go full-on hybrid, and that will absolutely include the 911. It's now anyone's guess as to whether or not the 911 hybrid variant or the Mission E electric sedan will be released first, but it's likely neither will arrive before 2020. At least it's not a fresh start for Porsche with their hybrids, since they already build hybrid versions of their Panamera and Cayenne. The hybrid hypercar 918 Spyder counts, as well.

Panamera Hybrid

Regardless of what Porsche decides to do, it's clear that environmentally focused cars will become that much more pervasive, and that could be a very good thing especially if it's coupled with both fuel economy and performance enhancements.