We love the Porsche Panamera. Having driven three versions of the huge and hugely fast hatchback sports sedan, the thing defies physics. It handles like a sports car but hauls a family and their gear like a champ. It's just not that great looking, in all honesty. The bulbous back seems like an afterthought, and the car looks anything but elegant (we still want one, though). 

Things should change for 2018, and it's high time this happened. The big news of late is that the Panamera wagon version will actually come to the States, a place where wagons don't do well at all. Sure, it's slated for the European market, but that's no surprise since wagons haven't lost any favor there.

sport turismo

Spy shots taken recently where the wagon version has been testing on public roads have emerged for us to see what the Panamera wagon might look like. From what we can tell, it's not quite as handsome as the gorgeous Sport Turismo concept that bowed in 2012, but we think it's a big improvement over the current car. The wagon should get even more usable space thanks to the longer roofline. 

Rumor has it that Porsche might not stop at two models (sedan and wagon) and might even build a coupe and a two-door convertible version. Seeing as how the Panamera already sells quite well for Porsche, it wouldn't be a stretch to see them expand the model line.

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