Apple seems to have the Midas touch when it comes to consumer products. iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch and what was rumored to be car built by Apple. Back in July, we reported on the latest news about the Apple car (known as "Project Titan"), and things looked pretty promising with Apple hiring droves of people in pursuit of the next big thing. Well, it seems the tide has turned, and now Apple is scaling back in big ways, indicating that the Apple car might not happen, after all.


Apple has apparently cut numerous jobs. Around 1,000 people have been either reassigned to other projects or have been released from their positions over the past few months. The redirection of focus is now centered on an autonomous driving system that will allow Apple to work with carmakers that will use the new system and perhaps re-open the door to building their own car somewhere down the line. It's just not in the cards right now. The move makes sense, testing out the waters of a new autonomous system that can lead to greater things instead of taking big risks by taking on the lofty, established carmakers.  

So, what's behind this huge change. Well, Autonews reported that there were conflicts in strategy by the Project Titan team, leadership changes that precipitated the redirection. Now, it also seems that the turnaround for the autonomous system will be a quick one, with a deadline of late 2017 to finish a feasibility study and decide where to go with the project. 

apple car rear

Hopes were high that Apple could pull it off. They began the project two years ago with their eyes on the prize of a big slice of automotive market share equating to nearly $7 billion as projected by analysts. They began hiring en masse for the project and aimed to bring a car to market by the year 2020. But internal strife and big hurdles in the supply chain where Apple had no relationships made it more difficult than anticipated. Leaders, manager, and software and hardware engineers began to leave, and it signaled the end. It by no means equates to a total abandoning of an Apple car, but for now, their focus will be on the autonomous driving system. We'll see what comes about in the next year or so.