We make no bones about how much we love the new Volvo S90. It's easily one of our favorite cars so far this year, and it's our choice of mid-size luxury cars, even more than any German offering. In T6 Inscription AWD trim, it's simply beautiful, very competent to drive and technologically incredible. Now, the S90 comes in Excellence trim as its top end iteration that's focused on limo-like amenities. 

Perhaps even more significant than the car, itself, is the fact that parent company Geely will move production of the S90 from the Torslanda, Sweden factory to Daqing, China. The S90 Excellence is largely driven by the Chinese market, where the well-to-do enjoy riding in the back seat instead of taking the wheel themselves. Our hope is that the build quality won't change, but we do wonder if perception of the vehicle will suffer because of the manufacturing location change. Only time will tell. 

s90 excellence

s90 excellence rear 58

Here are the details on the S90 Excellence sedan:

  • The long-wheelbase car provides extra legroom for rear occupants, providing the true limousine experience that's hot in China right now.
  • The primary focus is the car's "Lounge Console" where the front passenger seat is completely replaced by a workstation that consists of a retractable touchscreen and a corresponding keyboard and tray for the rear passenger. There's also a compartment for shoes or whatever else the moneyed would store there.
  • Other available amenities include a refrigerated compartment in the rear-seat center console, genuine crystal glassware (hopefully Swedish), a heated and cooled cupholder and expanded storage for rear-passenger cargo and accessories. 
  • No news on the powertrain, but our guess is that it will get the supercharged and turbocharged four-cylinder mill from the T6 that's good for 316 horsepower and a sub-six 0-60 time.
  • The new S90 Excellence will show up in the flesh at the 2016 Guangzhou Motor Show. Pricing and official release date have yet to be announced. 

s90 excellence cabin

s90 excellence screen

s90 excellence seats

s90 excellence valet

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