We imagine it's easy to waste your money when you're filthy rich. Stupid things like diamond-encrusted toilet seat covers, shirts woven from real gold, and those $10,000 Apple Watches all seem like money gone bad. And then there are custom cars, not all of which qualify as good choices, but we found one that certainly is. It's called the SP275 RW Competizione, and this one-off is about as tasty as it gets. It was just unveiled at the Ferrari Finali Mondiali event in Daytona.

ferrari sp275 rw front 58

Here are the fantastic details of the custom Ferrari:

  • The car was supposedly built by Ferrari Special Projects over the course of two years for Dr. Rick Workman from Florida. It's a singular model that's been custom built, and as far as we know, there are no other versions.
  • The car appears to be based on the Ferrari F12tdf rather than the base F12 car. The wider fenders and triple slats are strong indications.The special paint is called Giallo Triple Strato (yellow triple layer).
  • It's assumed that the car houses the same F12tdf V12 with 780 horsepower and 521 lb-feet. 0-60 should be the same at 2.9 seconds, and the top speed should be 211 mph.  
  • The exterior of the car is an homage of a yellow 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB/C owned by millionaire Preston Henn, a car that's widely considered to be the most valuable Ferrari in existence at north of $75 million (image below).

275 gtb c

There's no word on what the SP275 RW Competizione cost the dear doctor, but it's easily far more expensive than the $330K asking price for the already sold out F12tdf. For something this special, we can't imagine that it was any less than half a million, and that's probably conservative. 

ferrari sp275 rw

sp275 rw grille

sp275 rw grille