Bentley is one company that combines the best of luxury and power, and their Supersports series has always been the heaviest breathing beast in their fancy lineup. Well, Bentley has recently unveiled the 2017 Continental Supersports, and it's now the fastest and most powerful car that's ever come out of the Crewe, England factory. Who wants a cramped, harsh-riding supercar when you can get a top-performer that ensconces you in utter comfort? 

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Here are the details of the latest rocketship from the folks at Bentley:

  • The new car in coupe or convertible trim is good for 700 horsepower from its twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter W12 engine that surpasses the 2009 model's 621 horses and the 2015's GT3-R's 592 horses. The torque rating is a huge 750 lb-ft. 
  • Power gets routed to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission.
  • All that power will send the Supersports to 60 mph in a scant 3.4 seconds. Top speed is an astounding 209 mph. 
  • Suspension has been tuned to improve the car's handling prowess while still providing a comfortable ride that Bentley is known for. No bone-jarring commutes for the 1 percenters.
  • The car gets a torque-vectoring system from the GT3-R, as well as some sweet carbon ceramic brakes for track-friendly stops.
  • The exterior gets a carbon fiber body kit that includes a front splitter, a rear diffuser, hood vents, and a rear spoiler.There are also revised bumpers, tinted light covers in front and back, dark chrome accents, and 21-inch forged alloy wheels.
  • The interior is one of the best we've ever seen with diamond-quilted Alcantara seats and wood or carbon fiber trim. 
  • No pricing on the car has been made public, but it should go on sale within the next couple of months.

supersports front

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