In case you've been staying awake at night just wondering when Maserati will bring the stunning Aflieri concept to reality, you're not alone. The beautiful Italian 2+2 was unveiled way back in 2014 at the Geneva Motor Show to the delight of car lovers everywhere, but Maserati hasn't committed to a release date. In the meantime, Maserati has brought their Ghibli sedan and Levante SUV to the market in high fashion, but neither vehicle really speaks to enthusiasts the way the Alfieri would. The word from Maserati is that the Alfieri won't arrive until the year 2020, at the earliest.

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What Are Maserati's Brand Plans?


Maserati isn't exactly a volume seller, but that's no surprise since their focus has always been on higher end cars (with the exception of perhaps the Biturbo from the '80s). In 2016 Maserati sold 12,534 cars in the United States, or barely more than the now defunct Scion brand. It's not a big number, but Maserati under Fiat ownership is in the business of expansion, and it's likely that it will happen thanks to the Levante SUV, but there's more to the plan than just the Levante. Their goal is to sell 75,000 cars per year by 2018, an ambitious number, indeed.

Maserati will likely replace their aging but still wonderful GranTurismo and GranTurismo Convertible (GranCabrio) in 2018, now that they've redesigned the Quattroporte flagship sedan and brought the Ghibli sedan and Levante SUV to the marketplace. The replacements for the GranTurismo and GranTurismo Convertible are the priority right now since both of those cars have been on the market in their current form since 2007. The Alfieri is actually smaller than the GranTurismo and more of a niche vehicle as a result. It's meant to go up against the likes of the new Mercedes-AMG GT, the Jaguar F-Type and the venerable Porsche 911. 

Why the Excessive Delay?

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The original plan for the Alfieri was to get it to production by 2016, but that time has come and gone. Giulio Pastore, the General Manager of Maserati Europe, stated that the GranTurismo and GranTurismo Convertible are more important to the brand than the Alfieri. We're sure that's true (at least for now), but the Alfieri would properly inject more excitement into the brand because it would mean true competition on the sports car scene where automakers like Porsche have dominated, with Mercedes-AMG and Jaguar new to the fray with their models. 

“ ... the Alfieri would properly inject more excitement into the brand because it would mean true competition on the sports car scene where automakers like Porsche have dominated... ”

The new car (which might not retain the Alfieri name) will be sold both as a coupe and as a convertible. “Alfieri will be bigger than Boxster and Cayman. It is being designed as a competitor to the 911 but it will be a larger car. More the size of a Jaguar F-Type,” according to Peter Denton, the manager of Maserati’s northern European division.

The first version of the Alfieri will show up in 2019 as a 2020 model and will be gas-powered, likely with a V8 under the hood. Maserati has also talked about possible electrification with a second version following after the gas-powered one has made it to market, probably in 2020 as a 2021 model. The word is that pricing of the gas Alfieri model will sell for around the same price as Jaguar's F-Type, about $61K. The danger is that competing models like the F-Type and the AMG GT will have been out for a few years and established a strong foothold in the market. The Alfieri, however, will have "affordability" on its side since it will cost far less than the 911 Carrera and the AMG GT.  It's doubtful that Maserati will move up the timeline of production, though, since the focus of the small automaker is on other models right now. 

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