No one in the world does cars like Horacio Pagani. Argentinian born, he made his way through the ranks of Renault and then Lamborghini. Eventually, he broke off and went his own way, forming Pagani Automobili S.p.A. in 1992. Their first car was the remarkable Zonda, which took a whopping seven years to complete, and then the insane Huayra. Now, they're showing off the open top version of their supercar, and it's gorgeous. 

huayra desert

huayra 58

Here are the tantalizing details on the new exotic convertible:

  • The Huayra Roadster doesn't have a cloth top nor a retractable hardtop, instead featuring a removable clear targa-style roof that's made of carbon fiber with a central glass window. It also gets a simple cloth top that stores beneath the rear cowl for rain emergencies. 
  • The Roadster features gullwing doors hinged to a single point just below the front windshield. The twin vented buttresses behind the headrests provide both beauty and engine cooling.
  • The convertible version gets wider wheel arches, reshaped roll bars, reshaped aerodynamics and its own specialized and exotic interior compared to the hardtop version. Oddly, the Roadster is a whopping 52 percent stiffer and 176 lbs lighter (only 2,822 pounds) thanks to extensive use of carbon-titanium. 
  • It's powered by a 764 horsepower and 738 lb-ft Mercedes-AMG M158 V12 engine. A new seven-speed automated manual transmission and electronic differential are a stunning 40 percent lighter than the standard dual-clutch gearbox. 0-60 is about 3 seconds.
  • The Roadster will corner at 1.8g, the highest of any road going car with street tires. The Corvette Z06 does it at 1.17g. The car rightly gets its own custom Pirelli tires to handle the cornering forces the Roadster puts down.
  • Built into the car are a total of four active aerodynamic flaps, two in front and two in back, that work in conjunction with the car's advanced active suspension to ensure maximum downforce when needed. 
  • Each car built will cost around $2.4 million, but don't start saving since the entire 100-unit production run has already been sold out. 
  • The car will be officially unveiled at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show next month. 

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huayra cowl

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