We've been behind the wheel of the magnificent F12Berlinetta, and it's an incredible experience that's unmatched in the automotive world. Sure, Aston Martin still does a V12 in its Vanquish, but in a Ferrari, the engine note and power are truly surreal. Fire up the big naturally-aspirated mill, and you'll hear automotive nirvana. The sound is positively intoxicating, even at idle. Mash the gas, and you're met with unearthly thrust and the mellifluous chorus of a thousand angry angels at full bore. 

We mourned what we thought was the end of the Ferrari V12 with the pervasiveness of turbocharging in the industry, as well as the use of turbos on Ferrari's new 488 GTB. Sure, with turbos, there's mad power, but something of purity is lost in the equation. The truly good news today is that Ferrari is bringing the successor to the F12 to market in the form of the 812 Superfast that has an even more magnificent V12 engine under the hood. 

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Get a hankie for your drool. Here are the luscious details of the new Ferrari 812 Superfast:

  • The 812 Superfast follows on the heels of the F12Berlinetta by remaining a front-engined grand touring car with a V12 engine. The 812's potent motor comes in the form of a 6.5-liter V12 with 789 horses and 530 lb-ft of torque. This is way up from the F12's 731 hp and 508 lb-ft and even more than the F12tdf's 769 hp and 520 lb-ft. The 812 now stands as Ferrari's most powerful front-engined car ever made.
  • The car's maximum power is attained at 8,500 rpm, and peak torque comes in at 7,000 rpm. Ferrari employs a higher-pressure fuel system and variable-geometry intakes to squeeze even more out of the 812's V12. All power is routed through a Ferrari seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.
  • 0-62 mph comes in 2.9 seconds, and the car's top speed is 211 mph. The F12Berlinetta had the same top speed but was 2/10ths of a second slower to 62 mph.
  • Ferrari decided to change the steering from the F12s hydraulic system to electric power steering, making it Ferrari's first road car to use the system, which works better with features like Ferrari's new Side Slip Control 2 system. The 812 Superfast also gets Virtual Short Wheelbase, otherwise known as rear-wheel steering for sharper handling.
  • The exterior design of the 812 is evolutionary, borrowing styling from both the F12 and echoing in cues from the classic 365 GTB4 from 1969. The car's launch color is known as Rosso Settanta, so named to celebrate Ferrari's 70th Anniversary this year.
  • In terms of aero, the car gets active flaps in front and a new air bypass system just aft of the rear side window to increase downforce. 
  • The new GT supercar will bow at this year's Geneva Motor Show in March. Prepare to swoon.

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