A new technological gold rush is upon us. With 263 companies racing to get their stakes into the autonomous car tech race, the future of transportation is certainly bound to be a fast growing and interesting one. It seems like the majority of research and investment in Silicon Valley is geared towards varying degrees of self-operating vehicles, whether they’re planes, cars, or what have you. Either companies are building vehicles themselves, or they’re developing tech for those vehicles to function properly and/or better.


The transportation industry is changing at an amazing rate, it’s almost impossible to keep track of everyone and their role within it. From those who make the components in autonomous vehicles, those who test vehicles, and those who find alternative uses for the vehicles outside of just personal use (think Uber and Lyft), it all swiftly becomes a macrocosm of interconnected companies all working towards making something new and great.

autonomous car

As companies emerge, merge with each other, fail, or get acquired, the new landscape is going to change constantly before any real standard is set. Comet Labs has put together a diagram of all the companies with any ties to working on autonomous vehicles and the like, as well as categorizing where they fit into this specific universe. Things will undoubtedly change as the months go one, as is the nature with budding technology and new companies. All we can do is either contribute, or watch and see what happens to everything around it all. Check out the image below (image: Wired).