With so many companies vying for a piece of the “electric car pie,” it’s clear that the game can be changed in many ways. Israeli tech company, StoreDot has developed fast-charging batteries for both mobile devices and electric vehicles. The new technology is said to charge an EV battery in five minutes, which is just about insane. 


StoreDot is fully convinced that electric vehicles are the way of the future, mainly because they are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, have performance benefits, and would require less maintenance. While they do acknowledge all of these benefits, they realize EVs aren’t without their faults. The challenges of driving range, battery cost, battery weight, and even charging times have held consumers and automakers back from investing too much into electrics vehicle, even though vast improvements have been made in the last few years.


The EV FlashBattery they’re developing aims to fix some of those problems. This new electric-car battery will be composed of proprietary organic compounds, based on the innovative materials used for its mobile devices. The EV battery will give a charging experience that will make fueling similar to that of a gasoline car. Not only that, but the range is said to reach up to around 300 miles of driving distance, depending on your EV model. Also, because charging times would only be 5 minutes a pop, it would greatly reduce wait times for charging stations, as well as reduce the need for a large amount of charging posts at any given station.


With so many companies out there focusing solely on battery range, StoreDot has something that is really unique. With the company holding $66 million in funding, they’re currently planning to hit the market with FlashBattery in the next three years. Perhaps this is what will get everyone on board with electric vehicles.