In a sort of unspoken but potentially huge jab at Uber, Google’s Waymo and ride-share company Lyft are joining forces to speed up the availability of autonomous vehicles to the general public. The two tech companies will collaborate to develop and test technology through joint pilot programs.


Originally, Google had their sights set for autonomous vehicles as the perfect tech for a driverless taxi fleet. They were even going to develop their own car from scratch. Eventually, they abandoned that idea for a decision to join forces with existing automakers to develop their autonomous endeavors, leading to the creation of Waymo.


Lyft also saw a similar opportunity, which prompted its partnership with automaker, General Motors. They tested a fleet of self-driving Chevrolet Bolt prototypes. Combined with Waymo, Lyft could end up greatly speeding up their initiatives. Lyft acknowledged that Waymo has the best autonomous technology, and they believe joining forces with them will accelerate their shared vision to improve the world of transportation.


This partnership between the two companies poses a competitive threat to Uber, who currently leads domination in the ride-hailing business. Uber and Waymo have been battling in court over some allegedly stolen documents. Uber has appeared to be evading Waymo’s attacks, but this could aim to get them where it hurts from a different angle.